Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy 10th Anniversary!

Sorry but this post will probably leave you triplet deprived! Phil and I celebrated our 10th anniversary a couple of weeks early. We ditched the kids and took a 6 day get away! It was sure nice to sleep in everyday, eat out in peace, and have more free time than we even knew what to do with. Yes it was awesome! In case you were wondering, the kids stayed under the care of their mama Elda and had a blast. It's safe to assume that they didn't miss us much, ha!

We stayed a couple of nights in Carmel-By-The-Sea (yes that's it's official name). It's a fancy little town in California with more art galleries than you can shake a stick at. 
We watched the sunset on the beach each evening with a glass of wine : )
In true Portland style we brought bikes!
In Carmel we did the famous 17 mile drive and got to see some pretty spectacular coastline views.
The 17 mile drive wraps around Pebble Beach golf course whose official trademark is the Lone Cypress. 
On our way south to Pismo Beach (our next stop) we drove down highway 1.
The seemingly never ending twists and turns right next to huge cliffs leaves me never wanting to do that again. The views were pretty amazing though. 
At a look out along hwy 1
We made it to Pismo Beach alive! We spent another few days here bumming around on the beach and stuffing ourselves with fried seafood : )
I'm such a sucker for fish and chips!
One day we rode our bikes to the next beach town to do a little wine tasting
It was a much needed kid free vacation, we had a blast but we are glad to be back with our stinky little boys : )


Myra 米兰 said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

Aracely said...

Such a nice escape! Mike and I will have to try and do that someday soon. Especially experience the 17 mile drive on our bikes! :) Happy belated Anniversary to you both! Love you both!

Jehan F said...

Looks like you had perfect weather. Love the California coast. Happy Anniversary!!!!!