Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fire In The Park (3yrs 10mo!)

CET 3 years and 10 months old!
Took the boys to Fire In The Park
The boys watched a little relay where real firefighters practice unrolling a hose, breaking down a door, dragging a human like dummy several yards and then rolling up the hose.
They had a similar course for the kids, first up is Caleb.
Caleb dragging the hose to the next spot
Next up is Eli. After running several feet with the hose he stops and drops the hose, then he says "Police no fight fires!"
There was no convincing him!
Lastly is Thomas
Look at him go!
Mr T
Next thing they had to do was set up the ladder and drag the bunny to the next spot but nobody would touch the bunny. I think they were a bit young for this, maybe next year!
Sneak peak, professional pictures! Can't wait to show off the real ones : )

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