Friday, July 18, 2014

When The Cat's Away The Mice Will Play!

While Phil and I were on our anniversary getaway my mom and sister took the boys to the Oakland zoo. My mom forgot to tell the boys to pee before leaving the house so of course all the boys fell asleep on the way there, and of course they all woke up with pee in their pants. Thankfully my mom brought an extra set of underwear but not shorts. It wasn't too big of a deal bc they were all sporting their Fireman/Police gear, ha!
Looking so silly at the zoo!
Ice cream!
With my sister
I guess at some point it got too hot for fireman jackets, but why shirts, I'm not sure?!
Thomas, I guess "no shirt no service" doesn't apply at this zoo, haha!
Eli in front, Caleb in back
With their mama Elda before leaving after almost two weeks with her : )
My sister, mom, and meee!

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Sara said...

That's a great shot of you and your Mom and sister. At first glance, I thought your sister was YOU, until I saw you on the right.