Friday, July 25, 2014

Last Leg

The last leg of our California trip was spent in Davis hanging out with family and friends! It was great seeing everyone!
So many little dudes, hanging out at Fairy Tale Town!
Cheesey boys
Lunch at the park. The boys wore themselves out by chasing squirrels!
The close up just cracks me up!
 Mr. T getting some pool time!
With our Friends Jehan & Brit
With B&J and Ilein
Caleb cruising in what he called an "ATV"
The boys visited the body shop where papa Ed works and got to see a real life racing car!
On our way to lunch with mama Sue and papa Ed
On our way home papi got "mucho love" from his boys while we waited at Starbucks : )
We spent three weeks in California and it still went by sooo fast! With so many friends and family to see I really wish I could figure out a way to come down twice a year. Maybe someday I'll figure it out, ha!


Da young Neun said...

Squirrels beware, triplets are here! :)

Jehan F said...

So great to see you guys! it has been too long. xoxoxo