Friday, January 20, 2012

#3's all around!

Look at these shaggy haired raga-muffins? I tried gel and leave in conditioner and nothing could tame these heads. Do they need a haircut or what?!


I put the boys in PigTails not to see what it was like to have girls but so I could cut off a lock or hair and save it for the memory books : )
Before (T)
All the hair from three boys : (
Just like dad!
I gave all my 4 boys #3's (length of the hair clipper attachment). After my mom warned me that the hair clippers might scare the boys I started to get worried since I don't know how to cut hair using scissors. But the boys did really well. Caleb started crying a little the last few passes but Thomas actually started laughing because it was tickling him. It took approximately 4-5minutes per baby, dad's hair takes longer of course. I was sad to see their still baby soft hair go but I must say they are looking as handsome as ever!

Phil trying to get Thomas to point #1 after the 49er's won their game on Saturday. It looks like they have a fighting chance at the super bowl, Phil would like to give a shout out to our home team, "Go Niners!"

Eli makes up for the fact that he bites by giving lots of hugs!
If good looks could kill you'd be dead now
Bunny Thomas


Jonalyn said...

Very handsome! You're very brave, Mama, to cut their hair. :) But all those haircuts would add up, so it's a good thing you know how!

Christine said...

I love the haircuts. You did a good job, and yes, Go 9ers!

Kari said...

Your little ones are so cute. What a coincidence my two older boys got haircuts today with #3. The trio will have to wait awhile and I am afraid it will take awhile to learn how to cut girls hair.

nan cee said...

Just look at those handsom little men! It is great that you know how to cut hair and nice that the boys were good through it all. Love those pony tails!
Love you all too,