Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tiny Feet

I made some foot impressions of the boys to see how much they've grown since they were born. I wanted to do this right at 12mo but haven't had the time. Their shoe size hasn't changed so its probably not much difference now at 15 mo. Right now they fit a size 3 shoe and fit into most 12mo clothes with the exception of the longer pants. I'm assuming all weigh around 20 lbs and measure about 29 inches (it's been a couple months since they were last measured). They have sure come a long way!


Top Row: Caleb, Eli, Thomas
Bottom Row: me#1 I see either Eli or Thomas, me#2 &3 I see Caleb

Top Row: Caleb, Eli, Thomas
Bottom Row: Phil#1 I see Caleb (he smiles like this often), Phil #2 I see Eli (it's a very Eli look), Phil #3 I see Thomas
Most people see the boys for the first time and immediately say they look like me. I think it's easy not to look past the big eyes and dark hair. Looking through both our baby pictures I think I almost see Phil in them more than I see myself, but certainly that's up for debate. Let's break it down:

Hair: mama's color, but dad's hairline

Forehead: they have dad's big forehead or receding hairline, however you want to look at it : )

Eyes: They are big like mama's but not as big. I've been told by every optometrist I've seen that they are in the top 5% of the population (in size), so the boys eyes did not quite reach my epic proportions.

Eyecolor: Dark hazel, blue grey with a brown ring around the pupil. They decided to appease both of us, what nice boys : )

Nose: I can't tell who it looks like, from the baby pictures it looks like it could be either of us, so I guess time will tell....

Mouth: mama's

Head shape: I think more like dad than mama

Skin Color: Right in the middle, they are looking pretty pale right now but not pastey white.

Size: I was a pretty chubby baby so I think they take after Phil in that they are pretty shrimpy babies.

Hands and Feet and Body Shape: I don't think I can tell yet, they could go either way? I hope they are tough looking with broad shoulders like dad : )

Facial Expressions: dad's

Personality and Temperment: dads, no question about it! They are so easy going and well behaved : )


nan cee said...

Interesting to see and compare the boys with your pictures. They surely have Mama's eyes! Yes, I can see a little bit of both of you in all three of the little men. With time they will change some more and it will be just as interesting to see those changes. I would love to come visit but it just isn't possible at this time.
Take care and share my love,
A. Nancy

Jonalyn said...

So cute! I loved seeing the footprints. They seem huge now!