Friday, January 27, 2012


Wrecking havoc while I undress the other two...
The boys get super hyper when they know it's bathtime!

There are things I wish I had never gotten, and things I wish I had gotten. These bath seats are one of the things I'm so glad to have! (Thanks again mama Sue) They are the best things ever and can't believe the boys still tolerate them, I wonder how much longer I can use them for? I love having a designated spot for each boy and although they seem close they cannot steal toys from each other unless someone gets distracted : ) It is a much needed break from all the fighting they do in the living room/designated baby area. 

Baby Updates
Not too many this time around. Thomas last week was having a hard time with some pesky molars that are trying to come in, lots of fevers and cranky-ness (not to mention drooling) but no teeth have popped through. The poor guy seems to be the only one affected by teething, the other two are hardly phased. 

Caleb wants to jump soooo bad, and looks so cute trying. He hasn't gotten any air yet but he's close!


Jonalyn said...

Those bath seats are the best ever! Things will get much more interesting at bathtime once they outgrow them. Sorry Thomas is having a rough time w/teething. :(

mary said...

handsome dudes, cute bums. lol. great that you
get a moment of peace while they bathe!

please share what type of bath seat is that? i am on the look out for a good alternative to the fisher price rainforest bathtub. thank you!!!

JP said...

No prob, it's the Dream Baby Deluxe Bathtub Safety Seat

we got ours from