Monday, January 30, 2012

Crabby Day (16mo)!

16 months!
This photo shoot did not go over well, I made the mistake of showing them a cool toy to make them smile and instead they all wanted it at once and started bawling over it. 

The beginning of the end, the only picture I was able to take were they didn't all look miserable : (

 How appropriate that their pj's have crabs on them : )

Watch this 10 sec video clip to see what I mean, sadly the rest of this day didn't go any better and their 7pm bedtime couldn't come any sooner : (

Why couldn't they look like this for the pictures above : (

Thomas' eyes look so pretty in this picture : )

Here is a video clip of the boys just being their goofy selves, they are so fun to watch : )

Thomas doing a model pose




Jonalyn said...

Wow, you're not kidding! The toy backfired! They're still so cute, even when they're crying. :) Well, maybe not if I had to hear them crying all day. Poor Mama!

nan cee said...

That is the way picture taking usually goes but till cute, and yes fun to watch!

Tati said...


mary said...

HA! Adorable! If nothing else, at least the expressions and crabby 'tudes happen to "match" the crab pajamas.