Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Where Will We Go Next???

Phil and I have been hording our credit card miles ever since we got married. We put everything we possibly could on our credit card, and of course payed off the balance in full at the end of each month. Our plan was to acquire enough miles for a big trip, to go some where far far away. First we thought Europe but then the Euro got so expensive that it made us look else where. Next we thought we'd use it to go visit Phil's brother in China. We almost bought tickets around the time we were trying to get pregnant, I figured it'd be no problem if I traveled in my second trimester, bad thinking. Thankfully we held off because there was no way I was traveling anywhere pregnant with triplets! 

So fast forward to present day, we are now a family of five! The price of five round trip tickets going anywhere would cost us a small fortune.With enough miles for almost three round trip tickets and our time to travel overseas quickly coming to an end since the boys can't travel for free past two years of age we needed to cash out our miles this year!  

Where to go? Where to go?  We contemplated San Diego, Mexico, Hawaii, and Belize. One thing we knew for sure is that we want to go somewhere sunny and warm in the spring when we are starting to go crazy from the endless rain. So where did we decide to go???

The boys are so excited about our family vacation they decided to see how their sun hats looked!

San Diego:
-we have family there so we wouldn't need to pay for accommodations
-I've wanted to go back to the SD Zoo since I last went when I was 7, it was awesome then and can't imagine how much better it is now!
-I hate driving, especially on vacation (California=Driving and lots of it), and we'd have to shell out for a rental van and lug our huge car seats around in the airport.
-the boys might be a bit young for the zoo, sea world, and lego land, not to mention hefty admission fees

-the family would get to meet the boys
-free accommodations
-it just so happens my family is from a beautiful part of mexico by the beach, Mazatlan : )
-there's a scary drug war going on! nough said

Briefly entered our mind, it has the second largest coral reef in the world so we've wanted to go for a long time...but too many unknowns to venture on with toddler triplets in tow.

Rather quickly we decided on Waikiki, Hawaii! We've been here before and know what to expect. It's very walk-able so we don't need a car. We found a cheap but nice condo to rent so we can cook our own food since good food in Hawaii is hard to come by at less than $20/plate. Oh and Phil's sister and brother in-law are coming! You didn't think we'd attempt this on our own did you? (BTW this is NOT the 'good' thing I talked about in my last post, I'm not that shallow! : )

Bounce House Fun!

The boys have their very own bounce house in care of Tia Aracely : ) Who needs Chucky Cheese now?!

Is that Thomas in the middle or Rod Stewart!?

Eli cut a new tooth, it's the bottom right tooth next to the two that were already there (opposite side of the one Thomas just cut). So now Caleb is behind with 6 teeth while Thomas and Eli have 7.

We went to our first multiples event last Saturday and I don't think I've ever seen more double strollers in my life! Our local multiples group rented out the entire Children's museum and it was awesome! The boys really loved it and they had lots of cool exhibits they could explore. I met a couple other moms with triplets and talked to some twin moms I'd met before. Unfortunantly I don't have any good pics to post because we forgot how crappy point-n-shoots are for indoor photography, lesson learned, don't leave home with out your dSLR!

Eli was the first to bite (and still the only) and he went a long time before he bit again. But when he did he went on a biting spree, he bit each of each of his brothers twice in one day. You can't entirely blame him though because his brothers sometimes think it's funny to put their hands in his mouth! You think they'd learn but no, they get bitten about every other day now. Oh man, what am I to do now : (

A few weeks ago I posted about how I taught the boys how to do these little hand gestures to songs I'd sing to them. I cannot for the life of me get a good video of them doing it. This was the best I could do. In the first song the boys are supposed to wiggle their hands which Caleb and Eli both do briefly but Thomas opens and closes his hands (so silly). The other song I sing they are supposed to tap their thumb on their palm repeatedly, Eli is the master of this and does it all the time even without the song. The other two are not big fans and I can only get them to do it on occasion : ) Here is the video, and I apologize for my terrible singing...


nan cee said...

The boys are always so entertaining as they learn new things! I hope all goes well for you on your trip to Hawaii and how nice Janet and Chance will be going with you! I've never been there but it has been a life dream of mine and I hope to go someday.
Thanks for the updates!
My love to you all
A. Nancy

Jonalyn said...

We love renting condos on vacation now! It's so awesome to be able to do your own cooking. And no worrying about having to be out of the hotel room during a particular time for cleaning. Makes vacationing so much easier. :) Love all the pictures of the balls stuffed in the boys' clothes. Looks like they love it!