Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh Crap! moment #10 & 11

Oh Crap! moment #10

One day while I was giving the boys a bath I noticed they had had enough so I get Thomas out first, I dry him off, diaper him, and put him in a onesie. Next I get Caleb out and start drying him off, then out of the corner of my eye I see Thomas reaching into the bathtub for something, I tell him no and pull him away. That does nothing to dissuade him and he goes right back to it, then, thinking he wasn't capable of it, in he goes right into the water head first. I push poor Caleb to the side too roughly in my haste to get Thomas out that it scares him and he starts crying. I get Thomas out of the water immediately after he falls in since I was only a foot away. Thomas is now soaked and crying. Afraid of a repeat incident I start draining the tub and pull Eli out. Well at this point there is complete chaos in the room with now three babies crying, two still naked and both Caleb and Thomas are falling repeatedly from the slippery wet floor. I'm losing control here and don't know what to do. Then I start to compose myself and I put Eli to the side and dry up the floor. The crying is subsiding and no one is falling now, so I just had to take a step back and laugh at the shinanigans these boys put me through! *Big Sigh*

Oh Crap! moment #11

The boys lately when they see one of their brothers getting a bottle or nursing all Hades breaks loose, perhaps a primitive sign of jealousy. As bed time was approaching one day, I go into the kitchen to fix up a bottle. Both Thomas and Eli were at the gate watching me make this bottle and throwing a raucousness by screaming and shaking the gate back in forth. I was looking away when I heard a loud bang followed by crying. I look back and both boys are on their backs with the gate on top of them. As I pull the gate off of them, I see Eli has a busted up bloody lip. The poor boy shedded several drops of blood but by day two it was hardly noticeable! (Very scary though when blood is involved!)

I really like this picture because so many things are happening in it. Me, I'm giving Phil a break from almost single handedly filling up the entire bounce house. Eli in the back is looking cheeky. Thomas is being so cute 'helping' me blow air into the thing. And Caleb in the front crying because of who knows what!
I like to go over the different sounds that animals make and the boys seem to really love it because they stare at me inquisitively as I do it. Sometimes I use toys or pictures to show them what sound that particular animal makes. The boys were looking kind of bored the other day so I started asking them what sound does a dog make? followed by woof woof. I go through several more including cow, kitty, and duck. It looked like they were loosing interest so I gave it a break, then five seconds later Eli picks up a stuffed kitty and a plastic cow that were on the floor (among many other toys but no others who's sounds I had made) and is trying to show them to me. Coincidence? I think not! What a smart boy!

The boys have led me to believe that they know right from wrong. When they get into something they are not supposed to they try to hide it or they run away. For example, I notice Eli acting rather suspicious, he's walking away from me and looking back at me to see if I see him. I look and he's got my cell phone, that little rascal! Of course knowing right from wrong doesn't mean they'll always do whats right.

The hair on the back of the boy's heads started to look wavy several months ago so ever since I'd been waiting for those big curls to come in but so far no curls just waves. All the Pittsenbarger men go curly but it turns out not until they hit puberty : ( With their hair becoming more and more uncontrollable I'm convinced they are all in need of haircuts! I'm thinking Euro-mullets? Unlike all other mullets these are cool since all the popular European soccer players sport them. So next time you see the boys they may look very different... : )

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nan cee said...

Sounds like things are going normal except for the fact thay you have it all times three! I'll be looking for the new haircuts! Take care and try to stay calm no matter what!
Love to you all,