Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blast from the Past!

Phil and I's phones were on their death beds so we finally took all the pictures off them before they were lost forever. Check out these candid pics that we took when all that was available was our crappy phone cameras to document the special moments that wouldn't last or when we couldn't find our real camera...enjoy!

I love this one, for some reason Phil thought he could actually try to get some sleep on his shift during the night with the boys...I on the other hand wouldn't even try and usually watched Jon and Kate + 8 during the wee hours of the night while feeding, pumping and comforting babies back to sleep.

the boys in their crib which they never spent too much time in, they'd usually end up in bed with us

trying to take a picture of myself holding a baby is no easy task

The first three months home the boys spent most of the time on their boppy's on the couch. I'd feed them in it (two at once) then flip them over to burp and most of the time they'd fall asleep and nap in them. 

ETC, the boys were finally big enough to fit into newborns clothes here

I think this is right after a walk which is why their hats are still on

pretty sure it's Caleb

Thomas snuggled up on my chest, so sweet


Caleb was being so snuggly right after a nap

Still in preemie clothes

I like to call this pic majestic Eli, looks like a satisfied little toad

maybe Thomas?


I think this is Eli in an outfit we used to call jailbreak, it was one of our favorites and I think I saved it : )


Mary said...

thanks for sharing! they grow up so fast.

nan cee said...

You have a lot of pictures for special moments and memories. You will tresure thrm forever!