Friday, April 27, 2012

19 mo! (oh crap! #21)

I can't believe in less than six months I'll have three 2 year olds...that's much scarier than three newborns!

 The boys can sit down on the back of their dump truck, I like to give them rides around the backyard in it : )

They look like old men in these outfits, fat bellies and silly clothes


Baby Updates

Want to review all the signs the boys know so far: more, no more (all done), book, thank you, gentle and eat. Some of these they use appropriately without being asked, some they do only when I ask them to, and Caleb still only uses signs when I think he's a lost cause and then he surprises me by using them in the most appropriate way (he recognizes them all, has physically done them all on occasion but chooses to be stubborn). I nixed 'share' for now because when ever I need to demonstrate it they are in a fighting frenzy and won't look at me. Would rather work on 'milk' and need to find a sign for 'snack' and 'diaper.'

Just yesterday Eli comes up to me with his straw cup almost empty of milk and hands it to me, I tell him, "why don't you drink more?" With a look of concern on his face he signs 'all done' followed by the sign for 'more.' So stinking smart and cute! I quickly filled up his cup : )

Keep forgetting to mention that I dropped another breastfeeding session about a month ago, so I only nurse twice a day now. Two times for Caleb morning and night, once for Eli in the morning, and once for Thomas at night. I have my eye set for 21 months just because its evenly divisible by three! Unless someone decides to wean on their own I'm setting the official weaning date for 21 months. I can no longer nurse them in front of their brothers, just too much jealousy, they all flip out because they all want to nurse at once. So that's the real reason I dropped the 'before nap' breastfeeding, can't do it by myself anymore (Phil is home in the morning and before bedtime). I hate double nursing because they fight like crazy so I don't do it anymore, they don't like to be touched by their brothers while they nurse but I can (weirdos). 

Here is a funny antidote, Eli tends to hoard his snacks. When he gets down to the last gold fish he'll put it in and take it out of his snack cup for a while before he just can't resist anymore and pops it in his mouth. When he gets his graham cracker down to the size of a quarter he just holds on to it for a good half hour before he forgets about it and drops it on the floor without realizing it. Silly kid!

Oh Crap! moment #21
 Outside of the shed

Inside of the shed, notice hole and chair (they are baby deterants aside from knowing they are not to go in there!)

Eli holding sharp sheers next to his toes!

You should watch this video because it's real...

What do I do when all three are crying at once?

Lets end on a high note with an extra special triple dose of sweetness!


mary said...

that first picture is super cute! love those smiley happy faces!!!!!!!

Jonalyn said...

Awwww, they were so upset! It would be hard to console all 3 at once. So yeah, videotape them to show them when they're older! "Look what you used to do to Mama!" :)