Monday, April 23, 2012

Future Cuteness

Nothing cuter than little boys in flannel, I'll make sure they always have a set to wear!

 My sister with the double

 So I needed a single stroller for our upcoming trip to Hawaii and found this one for $10 at our local multiples resale. Can you believe up until now I didn't even own a single stroller! It really felt so weird pushing it, so light like the stroller was just going to fly away from me. Phil said it felt so normal! I'm usually either pushing all three in the joovy or carrying one on my back and pushing two in the double stroller.



Serious Baby Faces




 now lets get happy again!

Thomas and I

 what's so interesting?

Anything covered with Mexican hotsauce and pure lime juice is crazy delicious! I made some sliced cucumbers this way for my sister and I to enjoy and come to find out the boys loved it! I'm used to eating spicy and I my nose was all runny cause I was so spiced out but the boys even drank the juice! (my favorite part as well)

Baby Updates

The boys and I had a great visit with my sister! We did lot's of fun things. It was nice one day to drop the boys off at school and hang out for a couple of hours just the two of us. It was their first day where I wasn't going to be with them the whole time. I could tell the boys recognized their classroom because right away they started playing and didn't cling to me like the first time. When no one was looking my sister and I snuck off. I looked in from outside a couple minutes later and they were all at the table eating breakfast as happy as can be. Thanks guys I can tell you really missed me! I think it would have been a different story if they were all by themselves since they always seem more relaxed when their brothers are with them. I think they find comfort from each others presence.

Caleb has quite the pitchers arm, he can really chuck things pretty far away. I wonder when we'll have our first broken window!

When I ask the boys what sound a snake makes Eli and one other boy (can't remember) say 'sssss.' They all know how to 'moooo' like a cow as well : )

There are always things I miss, so better late than never. I failed to mention that since the boys were like 10months old (definitely well before the age of 1) they've been able to give killer high fives. I didn't even have to teach them, they just knew what to do when they saw my hand and I yelled 'high five!' We need to work on handshakes now.

Prepare for some future cuteness!

I gave my mom a tall order of full cowboy(vaquero) outfits for the boys while she was vacationing in Mexico. Miraculously she came back with everything I asked for even the cowboy neck ties! The belts are being custom made as we speak at the famous El Recodo ranch in mexico : ) The outfits should fit around the age of 3 so that gives you plenty of time to prepare yourself for some serious cuteness! Oh man I can't wait, Pendleton round up here we come!

These will be meeting shoes as well, way cooler than lame black shiny shoes!


Mary said...

those are the most adorable 3 lil cowboys! can't wait for the full photo shoot. (guess i have to wait awhile!)

Jonalyn said...

Oh. My. Word. I cannot WAIT to see your three vaqueros! How cute is that gonna be!!!

nan cee said...

I have heard of three little indians but these cowboys are going to outdo the indians! Looks like they love those boots! I'll be looking forward to seeing the full outfits!
Love to you all,