Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hearing Tests

I was summoned to make an appointment for the boys to get routine hearing tests. I had heard none of this prior to that phone call so I asked several friends if they had to do hearing tests on their kidos but none had. So I took the boys in and apparently they knew triplets were coming because three ladies (docs and techs) all came out to get us and one says "ah man this is cuter than I thought it would be!" I asked why they needed the test and it turns out all babies ever admitted into the NICU are required to take periodic hearing tests. They passed their newborn one and the 18 month one with flying colors! The three ladies were in love with the boys and were bending over backwards to get the to smile and play with them. The doc in the room even said "moments like these are why I became a pediatrician." It's always nice to hear how much joy my children bring to this world! Have I ever mentioned how much I love having triplets? Well I guess I can't say it enough! Next one is scheduled for 5 years but I'm sure they'll pass that one as well. Their eyes, now that's a different story. I'm willing to bet they won't make it past 2nd grade before they need glasses (that's when I got my first pair) : )

Eli made this : ) got the picture just in time before one of his brothers came and destroyed it!

Eli must have heard me talking about how he only had one molar and needed to catch up to his brothers because he cut two new molars. He's got a total of three now so the only one left to come out is his top right molar. 

So there is this blog I follow about identical triplet grown up girls that document their travels among other things on their shared blog. I really enjoy their blog because it combines two of my favorite things identical triplets and traveling! I love hearing about how much they enjoy their sisters and how they talk every day even though they are married and live far away from each other. I also love that their plan is to eventually live in close proximity again someday. Their bond and love for each other is just that great. I hope my boys are as close as they are when they grow up. It would be great if I can keep them all together in one place that way I can have all my grandkids near me : ) But not before they travel the world like the traveling triplets or live abroad like their uncle Garret! They recently asked for questions from followers and couldn't help myself from throwing some their way. Here is an interview with their mom, she gives some much needed insight to us id triplet moms, check it out here Traveling Triplets


Jonalyn said...

I'm pretty sure we had to do the hearing test as well. I thought it was for all babies! But it makes sense now, since Tati was in the NICU for some time. Anyway, glad they passed! Worry about glasses later. :)

Janet said...

Can I just mention how much I love you having triplets!!