Monday, April 16, 2012

Triplet Talk

Triplet/Twin talk at it's best! Check out the tongue lashing Thomas gets when he takes Caleb's cup. Phil and I watched this video over and over again and laughed our heads off.

We were at the Tulip Festival here and we took sooo many good pictures, once I sort the over two hundred pictures you'll have a fun color filled post next! So much cuteness coming up : )


nan cee said...

OH MY! All that over a cup! Guess in time they will learn to leave the other guys things alone! LOL
Love to you all,

Ferret said...

i like the angry arms! that was silly.

Jonalyn said...

Oh my word! Caleb is so mad! Too cute! :)

Mary said...

hehehe. i love the arm movements that went along with it also. cracked me up!