Friday, April 13, 2012

Mini Bananas

I was taken aback when at the grocery I saw among all the regular bananas there were also all these mini bananas. Only those who know me well know that I love anything miniature! How cute, they are perfect proportional size for the boys : )

 Score! A park with three bucket swings (well one is a halfer but still works)

1st Day of Nursery School
I wasn't about to dump them off on their first day. I stayed with them the whole time so I knew what their days would be like, and met with some of the teachers and volunteers. The boys, just like some of the fish in the sea, schooled at school. They were never too far from eachother : )             

 What!? You guys never told me you were capable of sitting at a table to eat your lunch. I'm so ready to ditch the high chairs now, on a search for toddler sized table and chairs!

In case you are wondering why this boy is eating with two utensils, one is from breakfast which he refused to let go. 
 These are MY frogs (Eli)

Caleb seems to be the most expressive with his face. He makes to the cutest faces all day long!

 Eli fell asleep on top of Roarski

 The high chairs are in a tight spot and really hard to clean under neath. So I bought a roll of Ikea construction paper and lined the floors with it. It looks pretty all of one day before it becomes this disgusting mess! My intent is to replace it once a week but it generally gets replaced everyother. You may not be able to see it but there are three gummy bears scattered in that mess. They are vitamin gummy bears and the boys didn't like them at first. Can you believe it! I'm tempted to say my method of not giving them sugary treats is paying off but that doesn't explain why they like children's tylenol so much! Eli and Thomas warmed up to them but Caleb still refuses to eat them : (

Now that I know some of my followers enjoy even boring videos of my guys here is another one. When it got way too quiet I looked back from what I was doing only to find the boys playing so nice that I had to record it!

Lets do something different and see how well you know the triplets. Can you guess who this is? Don't be a party pooper and vote on the right side bar at the very top : ) You can look at the answer in the comments. It actually took me a while and I took this picture! Notice his cute spiky hair, Phil styled it himself.


JP said...

It's Thomas!

nan cee said...

They are so active and so cute but I have no idea who the one is from the others. Thomas is the easiest to tell because of the little red mark on his cheek. It is a toss up between Caleb or Eli and I chose Eli with a wild guess! Fun!
Love you all,
A. Nancy

Jonalyn said...

Nuts! I picked Eli. Oh well. :) You will love having a toddler table and chairs. You'll use it for years. It's so handy for eating and also little projects!

Mary said...

have i already said it before? they are all the cutest!

Janet said...

Yay ! I'm the only one that got it.

Sara 诗媛 said...

I thought it was Eli. Very cute to see them at their little school. I love mini bananas for kids. Cute and so much less waste!

JP said...

So the poll closed at 4 votes for Caleb, 8 votes for Eli, and 3 votes for Thomas.