Friday, April 20, 2012

Triplets and Tulips

ECT, at first they weren't so happy of their where abouts...

but its nothing Goldfish couldn't cure!

We figured if someone fell off it was on soft ground so we brought the wagon along, so much funner than the stroller but a couple inches taller and I don't think they'll all fit : (

Boy did we get a lot of attention! 

Best picture of the day : )

Look they even drink identically!

A rare family picture, you take what you can get these days

My monkeys were getting hot (oops forgot to coordinate the onesies too)!


I am man, I eat meat! (Vienna sausages)

 I bathe only once a week!

 I eat dirt against my mother's wishes and it tastes GOOD!

Just kidding! but not really

Eli and pops


Baby Updates

I have lots of new things to report, not that anything is all that new but I just haven't remembered to write about it! Ok so here goes...

The boys seem to be a little more receptive at trying new signs, they now can sign 'book' and 'eat' but they still aren't real consistent with these so we need more practice. We are working on 'thank you' and 'share' now. 

The boys can point out several body parts when asked and can pick things out of books and point to them when I ask. They are on the verge of knowing their colors I think because just today Caleb pointed out something red when I asked him to. These skills have improved a lot ever since I started giving them full access to their books (mostly the ones I don't care about as much). They are still pretty destructive with them and I have taped back several books but it's nothing like before when they wouldn't even look at the pictures and just attacked them. They are so cute now because they love their books and are constantly bringing them to me so I can read to them. When I open up a book they immediately start pointing at things haphazardly. 

Caleb jumped for the very first time, not just fake jumped but both feet actually left the ground at the same time! He was so happy and proud of himself : )

I think when you have triplets you just try to do things as quickly and efficiently as possible and rarely even think to experiment with new things that your kids might be capable of doing (like eating with utensils, which they all now LOVE to do). I never quite knew when it was age appropriate to get the boys into a regular habit of washing their hands before they eat. But now that they regularly play outside they get soooo dirty that I just couldn't procrastinate any longer. To my surprise they really like it and run right to the sink when I call them to wash their hands. The only tough part is that they can't reach the faucet even with a step stool so I have to use a cup to rinse their hands off. 

I quickly learned the importance of play clothes as well and designated three pairs of matching pants, three pairs of unmatching shoes, and three pairs of unmatching jackets as play clothes. I unintentionally assigned the boys each a pair of shoes and a jacket and now they can all pick out which one is their's and most of the time they bring me the right shoes or jacket out of the big pile of play clothes to put on them before we go out to play. 

Like I mentioned before, the boys really like eating with utensils and especially when they get bowls or plates. I think forks are much easier to use than spoons so we use those a lot more. I would like them to try out real cups but all we have are big glasses so I need to get out to Ikea and get some little plastic tumblers (someday I guess). 

The boys piggy banks are getting pretty full so I thought it would be a good idea to get them Strider bikes (balance bikes w/o pedals) for the summer. They are really cool because kids will learn to balance on them and may be able to transition onto big boy bikes hopefully skipping those dumb training wheels. After researching them a bit even at the lowest seat position they are too big for my shorties. It's too bad because I think they'd be totally capable of zooming around on those things. So unless they can grow another inch by summer they might have to wait until next spring for them, although it might be nice if their piggy banks were a little fuller than they are now : ) It might also give me more time to see if I can get three different colors instead of three bikes in the same old boring color. Sometimes they could care less but other times they can be real picky over colors, especially Eli!


Jonalyn said...

I love those pictures of Caleb! What a beautiful day it was for you guys to see all the tulips!

Mary said...

i remember that book destruction age. chewing up the corners, tearing out the pages, and otherwise shredding it all to smithereens. your guys are ahead of the curve though; mine were doing that for a LONG TIME! (i didnt like repairing a book only to have them go directly to the weak repaired parts and rip it apart all over again)

nan cee said...

Love the little guys in the tulips! Did they tip-toe through them? Never heard of the bikes but sounds like they might be a good idea. It is fun reading about them and seeing all the pictures. Someday I hope to meet them all in person!
My loving thoughts and prayers,
A. Nancy

Sandi Delgado said...

Hi there - I read your note about the balance bikes and wanted to let you know what my husband did. He got regular bicycles and took off the pedals -viola a balance bike. When they are ready, the pedals can be reinstalled quite easily (nevertheless a "Papi" task in our house. I love your blog and have had lots of fun seeing your boys growing up!

JP said...

Sandi, that's a really good idea thanks! I'll talk to Phil and see if he's up for the task, although I wonder if we can find real bikes that are small enough for them?...

Sara 诗媛 said...

Favorite pictures ever! Love the tulips behind the triplets. Thomas' expression in the first picture with their hats/long sleeved shirts off is so expressive. And Caleb is hysterical.

In reference to the bicycles, if you want little bicycles, I think they make them pretty tiny. I never was ahead of the game getting my kids on bikes, but would see little bitty kids zooming with ease around the parks. (Mine started about 4). If you do get them little bikes that would make awesome videos!