Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy 8th!

Happy Anniversary! 
a picture of us 8 years ago on our honeymoon to beautiful British Columbia, last year I wrote about how we met on A Love Story post if you are new to the blog and would like to read about it : )

We celebrated our anniversary a little early this year to take advantage of free baby sitting by the boys' uncle Garret : )

We let the boys open our gifts, a sewing machine for me, thanks babe! It's my new favorite hobby once I learn how to work the darn thing...it took me a 1/2 an hour just to get the bobbin loaded! I better just find someone who can teach me because it's gonna take me forever to read the manual : ( Anyways, I'm really excited about the possibilities and shock myself all the time by how much I enjoy domestic life (I also love gardening and cooking, could I get more domestic than that!). I can't say I'm a crafty person but I am resourceful! My first project will be making pillows and pillow cases for the boys cribs (I think they are old enough for that, right?)...Then I'll be designing the boys 'big boy' room, I'm already starting to gather ideas on Pintrest for the theme (a big secret but worth the wait...it will be a while), I figure if I stick to right angles I shouldn't need too much skill on the sewing machine (sheets, curtains, pillow cases), haha...all I need now is TIME!

unwrapping gifts just wore out little Eli out, (btw we've been married too long to care about fancy wrapping paper so we just used newspaper, hehe!)

Phil has taken up smoking! That's right, I got him a smoker so we can eat the smokiest of meats : )

First we went out for a drink and appetizers

Who knew a grilled cheese sandwich could be so dang good! Next we rode our bikes to get sushi at our fav spot, you know you are getting good sushi when the chef has a thick Japanese accent and his wife is the waitress! No picture of the beautiful spread, my appetite got the better of me : )

a few days later we went to a friend's wedding, our 3rd night out within a two week period! I must say, I think the baby honey moon is over because I can really enjoy myself now when I'm away from the babies and look forward to it...I think it's about time but I'm still not sure why everyone was so anxious for us to 'get out' when the babies were just a few months old, I mean we had just spent 6 baby-free years together when everyday was a date night! 

Now some cute pics of the last few days...



C with uncle Garret

baby pile!

I've gotten so good at gardening that I've started to grow babies!

E, such a goofy boy!

T flashing his pretty eyes <3

Uncle Garret is back in China again, we'll miss him sooo much and not just because he watched the boys are three different occasions all by himself! When the boys were little babies and our visitors were about to leave I'd always have this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, kind of panicking I'd think 'how am I gonna do this by myself again!?' Then our visitor would leave and of course I'd manage just fine by myself. I stopped getting that feeling shortly after the boys turned one but I must say that Garrets bon-voyage brought back that feeling! He is just THAT good with kids, seriously you should become a preschool teacher someday Garret : )


Jonalyn said...

Feliz aniversario!!!

Aracely said...

I love how the boys ripped into your gifts..soo cute. Happy Anniversary to the both of you. Yay you got a sewing machine! I can show you how to use it, if its a basic model, you can help me finish my curtains that im making when you visit ha ha..

Anita said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!

My hubby has been smoking on and off for a few years (a lot less now that we have kids) and his favorite book is Smoke and Spice. It has lots of advice and recipes and I highly recommend it.

JP said...

Thanks Anita, we'll definitely check it out. I also checked out your blog, looking forward to following along in your journey!