Monday, July 2, 2012

21 months!

CET in their Sunday best not looking too happy : (


too cool to smile

The boys have been loving their uncle Garret this week!

A lot of the pics on this post were actually taken by Garret : )


 If you saw this in person you would agree with me, 'this doesn't look right, you are way too small to be on a bike!'

 This is such an Eli expression : )



 If his shoes weren't so wide I have no doubts that he would have made it to the top!



I have no other kids to compare them with it's hard to know what my boys do that's typical for their age and what things are unique to them. That's why I always appreciate hearing observations from others. One of the boys teachers at their nursery school told me that the boys are really good self soothers. Like when someone takes something away from them or it's time to leave an activity they are never upset for very long, that is if they even get upset at all. So nice to hear : ) 

On a funny note, if their teachers know the boys are coming they put away all the baskets because 'the dumpers' are coming! Sooo true, the boys love dumping out anything that's in a container in one fell swoop, this one I thought all kids did but apparently I was wrong. I don't blame them since at home I put away their blocks, legos, and hotwheels  and only let them play with one each day otherwise the mess would be monumental!

This one I'm certain is unique to them. Seriously, the boys are worse than beavers, they gnaw on everything! That cute little wooden rocking horse I worked so hard on to repair has lots of spots where the paint is missing and several small chunks out of it! Also, our cute little bench that I use to put the boys shoes on and that I want to do the boys 2 year pictures on had a spot on it where the boys had been chewing on it. I sanded it out but need to sand the rest of it so the color of the wood matches throughout the bench. They are getting better about this but not before ruining lots of nice things : (

As summer moves forward and we're all getting more sun the boys hair is several shades lighter and their skin is several shades darker. Pretty soon they'll all be one color! 

bye bye, I'll miss you


Jonalyn said...

Goodness, they're so handsome! I have seen plenty of kids that are "dumpers", so your guys are not the only ones.

Myra 米兰 said...

Yes, Elliot loves to dump things out all the time!

nan cee said...

They aren't the only ones that like to chew on things. David & Tammy both chewed on the head boards of their bed. Guess some just like the taste of wood! Garret looks happy to be with them and they with him!
Loving thoughts to you all,