Monday, July 30, 2012

22 months!

We woke up Saturday morning and I realized it's the boys' mirthday, I need to take a picture!

CET, look at that cheesy grin on Caleb's face!
The boys are debuting our Saturday market finds : )
C, we're in Sasquatch territory!
Heading to our neighborhood street fair

I'll keep squeezing them into the wagon as long as I can, I LOVE how little space we take!
discovering sponges
CET, they had a little car show
After nap we headed out to our congregation picnic...

T is getting pretty good on his balance bike
The third bike is in California waiting for us (they are really hard to find used, but found I did!)
E, Thomas and Eli rode their bikes literally for hours and it was the only time we had to separate them from something while kicking and screaming!
C tends more toward the athletic sports although maybe it's because he's had the least practice on the bikes since his brothers hog them all the time. Yours is coming soon my boy!
goal averted in 1/50th of a second (hehehe! he's actually throwing it, C)

I still consider the boys babies, by all means they are still babies (they cry, I change diapers, they drink milk to no tomorrow, etc etc). But lately, as best as I can describe it, the boys have been giving me these looks/expressions were they look like such big boys! Ok, so once they turn two I'll stop calling them babies, how's that for a deal : )

They are also becoming really funny, especially Caleb. He does some of the silliest body and facial gestures and he know's he's making you laugh. They are such good entertainment when they aren't fighting!

I've started to notice that the boys are becoming glued to the t.v. when I put kid stuff on for them. It's not like before where they would watch, then play, then watch, then play some more. It's starting to scare me, I want active and creative kids so I need to start strictly regulating their t.v. intake to 30min a day, for now at least. It's very tempting to use t.v. when you need to get something done or when they are melting down and driving you crazy but I don't want couch potato t.v. junkies, so we need to set limits!

I visited another MOM last week that has a 12 year old boy and almost 7 year old BBB triplets (all frat). She was going to give us a few hand me downs but I was most looking forward to picking her brain! There were stories of frequent occurrences of holes in the walls and how potty training was a night mare (great!). At almost 7 they don't like being dressed alike and prefer to chose their own clothes but will match for pictures or for grandma. They could also care less about who was born first second or third. This is something I heard was a big source of contention among twins but maybe it's because they are boys and there's too many of them!

Check out this video of Eli, after his father-son date he's become really good at the balance bike (it's amazing how much they improve on anything with a little one on one time! My poor bugs have to share everything, even mom and dad). A bit more practice and both feet will be leaving the ground!