Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Oregon Garden

Since Phil had the day off yesterday we headed to the Oregon Garden in Silverton, but not before stopping at their charming little downtown. They had several streets closed off where people were selling antiques. Although tempted many times we didn't buy anything, here's to will power!

 as long as the snack cups are full the boys are content to just people watch

 a nice man with weird shoes let the boys pet his sweet dog, Eli gave him many pets and hugs : )

Off to the gardens now....

 the boys favorite part of the gardens



The onlookers, don't blame them since the boys were putting on a SHOW with their silly screams and funny antics. I'm sure they were marveling at the fact that Caleb and Eli were soaking wet and Thomas was as dry as dust!

 Garret and Eli

 E, short dark and handsome!

 attack, attack!


The gardens were beautiful and after working in my not so small yard I can appreciate all the hard work that goes into it. I used to think my yard was small but right now the weeds are kicking my butt even though I obsessively weed when I'm back there, I can't keep up (and that's just the back yard)! I'm sure the record breaking rain in June has something to do with it!

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nan cee said...

I am surprised all three boys still fit in the wagon. The gardens are beautiful and looks like to boys had a blast!
My love to you all,