Friday, July 13, 2012

Oh Crap! moment #29-32

Oh Crap! # 29
 There was a language barrier and the possibility of offending a well intentioned family, so there was no avoiding it! Caleb is eating Doritos!!! I feel guilty every time I pop one of those things into my own mouth (which is not often), so of course I don't consider these saturated fat filled, artificial colors and artificial flavored snacks appropriate for anyone, especially not my own children!

Oh Crap! #30
 Eli climbed all the way to the top and there is only like a 3inch lip on either side! Those skidders give them some seriously good traction : ) Uncle Garret to the rescue while I snap pictures and take a video. Here is a video of the boy in action....

Oh Crap # 31
I was inside preparing the boys a quick meal when I kept hearing some happy yelling every few seconds. I finally got curious/worried and went to check on the boys. I keep that baby gate up because I'm afraid of someone falling down those dirty concrete stairs and into the infinite abyss (our basement)! Apparently Caleb was trying to play peek a boo with me. 

The chair placement was a parental mishap!

Oh Crap!# 32
While the boys nap I clean up and sweep the living room, I put the cars on the couch so they aren't in my way. Usually either I or the boys take them down to play with once they get up. I heard the boys stirring after a long nap and went in to get them out. First I grabbed Thomas and sat him down on the couch and went back in for Eli. As I come out I find Thomas like this about to take off with his car! 
After warning him not to move an inch I grabbed the camera and snapped a quick picture and then got him down safely. Forgetting that there were two more cars on the couch and an easily influenced Eli that had just witnessed the whole thing, I left to get Caleb and of course Eli had to try it out as well nearly giving me a heart attack again and making me feel like a complete idiot!

Ok, so in keeping with the theme of fear, I was starting to convince myself that once the boys turned two I'd turn their car seats forward facing. I figured that's at least twice as long as most people keep their kids rear facing. That is until I saw this picture floating around! I had no idea that it's recommend until the age of four. There is NO WAY I'm taking any risks with my PRECIOUS cargo, and I'm also grateful that we are hardly ever on the freeway! I'm sure it's just a matter of time before they make this a law but really it begs the question, why isn't it already?!!!

Little kids' heads are just proportionally too big for their little necks! Broken legs are better than broken necks or heads in my book!


Jonalyn said...

You mean the orange colouring of the Doritos isn't naturally occurring? ;-) Hope he didn't get any Dorito dust on his nice clothes!

Anita said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting the car seat bit. It just really isn't understood or promoted in the USA much at all. Regretfully, we had to turn our girls earlier than I would have liked (past 3 and 2.5) as we hit the rear facing capacity of our carseats and the carseat we considered upgrading to just did not fit safely in our vehicles rear facing. I'm hoping, as things keep getting better, that there are much more options for rear facing seats when it is time to set them up for the triplets. has an excellent forum which can help and there are 1-2 (maybe more) triplet moms floating around on there too.