Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Splish Splash!

 On our way to Saturday market!



Triplet Playdate!

 AHHH! cuteness overload : ) PMH (order?), ETC

water from the hose never tasted so good!

 he takes his milk drinking seriously

perfectly balanced with three, the best jungle gym feature for triplets!

 what was that? oh, so you aren't going to eat your vegetables? Well guess what, that bread that you can't eat fast enough is zucchini bread! Suckers!

I took it off thinking maybe he doesn't want it there, but no he put it right back on

Updates...and there's a lot!

We are having a fantastic summer and I'm amazed how different it is from last year when the babies were still only crawling and taking two naps a day, which meant for the most part we were home bound. We couldn't even go into the backyard last year (we don't have nice soft grass for crawlers)! Now we are all over the place, to the park, to the kids museum, to the science center and to playdates : ) We go out of the house about three times a week (not including weekends) and if we are home and it's not raining we are in the backyard having fun. Last year we never left the house unless we had an appointment! I feel like I have a life again, albeit a very different one : )

The babies have had a seriously long healthy streak, it's literally been months since they have gotten sick. I sure hope they keep it up and we can enjoy our trip to California next month without incidence!

For a while now the boys have refused to be fed and only like to self feed. The only way around it is if I feed them free range and they think they are just getting tastes of my food. They are also getting really good at feeding themselves with spoons. If I give them rice, for example, I only have to help them at the very end. They do spill about 1/3 of their food but I think that's pretty good for someone who isn't even two yet!

When something upsets Eli, he falls to a sitting position then he throws his head back hitting his head on whatever it lands on. I'm thinking this is the precursor to tantrums!

I like to talk about how much the boys fight but maybe I should clarify what I mean by 'fight.' The boys are not very aggressive towards each other, they do not hit each other (yet). They do bite and it seems to happen when one boy accidentally corners his brother or of course when they are in close contact and at a tug of war over something. I used to be able to say that Caleb bites sometimes, Eli bites quite a bit but Thomas is my good boy and does not bite at all. Well sadly I have to report that Thomas has joined the ranks of his brothers and so now he bites too. They are getting better at pointing out who bit them, which is very helpful. They push to get to something they want but never because they are angry at each other. I've been keeping their hair pretty short so thankfully there is no hair to pull! And of course there is always a lot of screaming involved.

They are playing together more and more these days and it's not just copy cat games. They like to tickle each other and as they do it they say 'tiddle tiddle tiddle' (It's also the same sound they make when they beckon kitty cats).

Thomas has deemed himself owner of everything, especially Thomas the Train stuff. As you can imagine this upsets the other two boys. Sorry Thomas, but I don't think you can keep this up for very long!

The boys are getting better at posing for pictures, they now give me 3 seconds to take a picture before they disperse. I just need to work on getting them to smile on command for pictures since my silly faces aren't working as well as they used to.

The other day Caleb was nursing before bedtime and he just had to stop and tell me something very exciting...

I have these types of conversations often with all three boys. Sometimes we go back and forth for a couple of minutes. Only God knows what it is they are trying to say because I can't make out a single coherent word out of them!

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Wow, it sounds like Caleb had something super exciting to say! So cute!!