Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2 yrs and 3 mo!

The boys just one year ago, they were still such babies!
 It feels funny posting something on the first day of the year and not having something meaningful to say. I don't have anything special prepared but let me just say 2012 was a great year for many reasons, more than I have time to write about. It was a year of zero night time sleeping drama, everyone sleeps through the night and we hardly ever skip a beat there. Phil and I get plenty of sleep which is extremely helpful when dealing with three toddlers all day long, my patience would run out all too quickly if I was only running on 6 hrs of sleep.

The boys have most of their teeth now with the exception of one or two molars. you can see in the pic above they only had about four teeth a year ago. I'm so glad to have my fears of choking eased with their new ability to fully chew food and they get to enjoy a much wider variety of foods because of it.

In the picture above they did not utter a single word other than mama (and maybe kitty), now they have a vocabulary of about 40-50 words and Caleb has recently taken up putting two words together (more on that later). The other two will probably follow suite within a few weeks if not days, as they always do. They've acquired so much personality in the last year which makes them a lot more interesting and fun (yay!) but also very opinionated too (boo!). This was the year they changed from babies to boys both physically and intellectually.

I do not have high hopes for 2013 since we are in the thick of the terrible two's and from what I've heard, three is not a whole lot better. And I'm pretty sure this will be the year that naps are given up for good. My only dream come true hope is to have everyone potty trained before they turn three! I will throw them a party (I'm serious) if they do : )

T on a chilly day

This was too sweet not to share but the other day instead of running past the baby doll section of the children's museum the boys actually stopped and played there for a good 20 minutes. I must say it was one of the most endearing things I've seen the boys do. There is nothing like seeing your little boy pick up a baby doll, rock it, give it a kiss on the head and then put it to bed in it's crib. I'm glad the boys are getting in touch with their maternal side : )

Eli in the very back was more interested in being the baby
Thomas was the most into the dolls, here he is giving it a kiss

Thomas puckering up for another kiss

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nan cee said...

Yes, they are certainly boys now. The pictures with the dolls are adorable!
Love to you all,