Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fire Station

CET, chillin at the toddler gym
Thomas looking like a 2 year old Brad Pitt, maybe not but I think so : )
Eli did eventually high five the firefighter : )
I've been meaning to set up a fire station tour for the boys (and friends I want to invite!) but I still haven't gotten around to doing it. I will at some point but as I procrastinate it a little longer we were invited to tour a fire station through the boys pre-preschool program (it's not the actual name, just what I call it). Although Eli and Thomas didn't outwardly show a ton of excitement I knew that on the inside they were very impressed by what they saw. Caleb on the other hand showed his excitement by saying 'wow' a lot and rattling some incoherent babble when he wanted me to look at whatever was impressing him at the moment. The firefighters were equally as impressed by Caleb's siren sound he kept making. As the tour ended their teacher asked if we could eat lunch at their table and the firefighters told us we were welcome to as long as they didn't get called out, in which case they'd have to quickly usher us out. We took the risk and as we were cleaning up, sure enough they got a call. It was really cool because as we were getting our coats on outside we got to see the firemen jump into their truck and head out with sirens blazing and firefighters waving bye at the boys. Pretty awesome way to end the tour : )


So I think the nap crisis we were having has been averted. I'm not sure I've figured it all out but here is what's working at the moment. I put them down in their cribs for nap (as late in the day as possible without having to push back bed time more than 30 min), I give them each several books to help wind them down and I leave the door open a crack and pull up a chair with a book or computer in hand. If anyone even gets one leg over the edge of the crib to jump out they get a quick reprimand (they don't seem to even try to jump out anymore, so long as they know I'm watching them). Since I started doing this they have almost always fallen asleep within 15-30 min. On the rare days where they just can't fall asleep I send them to bed an hour early. I think the problem was that being in the same room and being able to climb out of their cribs they were just riling each other up with chatter and play but I know they still need the nap because come 6pm I can't hardly keep them awake! I notice they go down way easier on days that they get enough exercise.

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nan cee said...

Love those hats! What a very cook experience at the fire department. One to remember!
Love you all,