Monday, January 28, 2013

It's Here! (2yr 4mo)

CET 2yrs and 4mo, this year is flying by!
I have more pics of this cute series, I'll post them later though : ) 

I can't even remember the last time we took the boys out to eat (other than Burgerville) but we got brave enough to take to boys out last Saturday. We were going to go to our favorite pizza spot because they have free live music which is really entertaining but more importantly, noisy to cover up any screaming or misbehaving that my boys might do. But as we drove by to find a parking spot the line was out the door so our plan was foiled. We had 5 hungry tummies so no time to go back home and make something, what do we do now?! We ended up driving to another pizza place that is literally 200 feet from our house. We didn't park at our house because it was raining and we feared the boys would get upset at the sight of our house, "you promised us pizza!" It was a much quieter setting which made me nervous but the boys were on their best behavior. I almost couldn't believe how good they were! They waited patiently for the pizza while eating a little box of raisins each that I brought from home. The pizza was so good that they just munched away at their tasty delight without a peep. I was so pleased that I gave them lots of praise for being so good and not fighting, screaming or crying. It was so lovely to go to a restaurant and not scarf down my food. I even drank my yummy micro-brew beer at my own slow pace. Phil and I were so happy that we treated the boys to ice cream afterwards! And we lamented that this was an evening much like we used to have pre-kids (we weren't very exciting people), so fun : )

Eli working on his raisins
E and myself
nom nom nom nom
E and pops
C making silly satisfied with yummy pizza faces
It's here!

Our very own Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon! Ok so at one point we had choo-choo wagon envy. But as the boys got older, I became increasingly annoyed at how much space we take up when we are out and about. Ultimately we decided against getting the choo-choo because it was just too long and big for our taste. The boys do really well walking in places like the zoo but I still don't totally trust them near streets and cars. The second challenge we face these days is carrying all our stuff, for example at the zoo, yes the boys can walk but were do we put our diaper bag, hot chocolate (that we bring to warm up in the winter), lunch and camera? So we've been bringing a stroller with us just to hold all our junk. We have our joovy big caboose (three seater stroller) but as the boys get heavier it's getting really hard to push and steer (they are approaching 25lbs!). So when I saw another triplet mom with this triplet wagon, that I didn't even know existed since it just came out, I immediately had serious wagon envy! Even though we'd only get another year and half out of it, on the inside I was thinking I WANT ONE NOW!!! But it's a little pricey so the boys and I have been saving our pennies for a few months and now we have one! Here is a little product review with my boys as models, they really thought of everything this time: 

It comes with a sun/rain canopy, I think it's silly and we probably won't ever use it. Might be super useful if you have kido's that hate wearing sun hats though.
4 kid cup holders, and 2 adult cup holders 
The handle folds down underneath but sadly it's still too big to fit in the back of a mini van but it fits right in if you take out one of the middle seats. Bigger cars shouldn't have any trouble though. 
The storage pouch that tucks away nicely when not in use. Didn't I say they thought of everything!
fit's through our front door so it should fit through any commercial entrance 
test drive!
Look at all the leg room! Three point seat belts included too but the crotch belt is a pain so we just use it as a lap belt. 
After a couple of hills we smoothly made it to the park! Sooo easy to maneuver 
Were was this wagon two year ago! All in all its a great product and so much more compact than the alternative. My only gripe is that it's all plastic (except the hardware of course)! Why don't they make things out of wood or metal anymore, I'd gladly pay more for it! Maybe it'd be too heavy then, anyways, so far I think you can only buy it from Radio Flyer or Toys R Us. It retails for $199.99 (plus shipping if you get it from RF) but we got it on sale for $15 less at Toyr R Us with free shipping. Pretty cool, huh!?!


nan cee said...

Like the boys, I too love pizza but never go out for any. Love that wagon! What a great invention and yes you will enjoy using it for as long as you can.
Love you guys,
A. Nancy

Danielle said...

I love this wagon!! I have 6 month old triplets and want to start saving up for this. What age do you think I could start using it at? Right now I have a triplet run about stroller but I can't take it anywhere without attatching a hitch to the back of my car and placing it on top. I am going to look into the joovey big caboose! Do you like it? I love following your blog! It's so refreshing to read about someone else with triplets :)


Janet Pittsenbarger said...

Danielle, thanks for the kind words! The recommendations from RF say 1.5yrs and older but I'd say you can start using it as soon as babies can sit up unassisted (it happens between 8-10 months). I like the joovy big caboose but if this wagon had existed two years ago I wouldn't have gotten it (and it feels easier to pull 75lbs than to push). Keep your eye on Toys R Us and Radio Flyer for a good sale and then snatch it up, you will love it!

Jonalyn said...

That wagon looks great! I always see kids in that type of wagon at the zoo. I love all the cup holders. :)

Angela Morton said...


I have triplets that are going to be 2 in March. I just ordered this wagon and noticed you said it doesn't fit in your van. Bummer:( According to the measurements it should fit (we are keeping our fingers crossed). Do you mind if I ask you what kind of van you have? Thanks!


Angela Morton said...

What kind of van do you drive that this wagon won't fit? We just ordered it and are hoping it will fit in ours. Thanks!


Janet Pittsenbarger said...

Angela, it most certainly DOES fit in our van. It just doesn't fit in the very back of the van were it would be most convenient. We have to take out a middle aisle seat, there is plenty of room there for it. We just took it to the zoo and it was so nice to have : )