Thursday, January 31, 2013


here are the pictures I promised...
Caleb in purple, Eli in yellow, and Thomas in blue

that same day at the indoor park
It's really quite random what the boys choose to say or not to say. Like how I've been trying to get the boys to say milk for the last year and a half (they call all liquids agua). But instead of saying milk they choose to say m&m, what?!  They've never even seen an m&m in real life. They do have these cute m&m onesies that they really like and I've maybe pointed out that those are m&m's on their shirt like twice! Weird kids, anyways they say it super cute, here is a video as proof:

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nan cee said...

Your promised pictures were worth waiting for! I don't know how you can tell them apart, guess it is because you are their mother! Those eyes will steal anyone's heart!
Love you all,