Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oh Crap! #46-51

Oh Crap! moment #46

The series of pictures above, which were actually many different jumps that I made to look like one big jump, is only for you to see that Caleb is taking his jumping to the next level. Till this day I had only seen him jump off of a step half this height. I saw him up on the bench, I turned around and heard a crash, I looked over and saw him on the ground. He couldn't of, could he? I asked him if he jumped off and to do it again so I could believe him. Sure enough he did it in front of my eyes only his time he actually landed the jump a little more gracefully. He repeated this jump for what seemed like hours (thank goodness I thought, maybe he'll tire himself out and actually nap today!). Well, the other two were quite impressed so Eli gets up there and jumps, falls, and starts crying, never to be attempted again. Thomas gets up there as well, bends his knees but then steps right off also never to be attempted again. I think it got to Caleb's head because a few days later when we were at the science museum, Caleb decides to jump a platform that is about three times higher than that little bench above. We all see him do it without any ability to stop what has already started. He lands and we all breath a sigh of relief but then we all see what happens next. We see it in slow motion, the momentum catches up with his un-proportionally large head (as most toddlers have). Like the videos you see in drivers ed of people getting whip lash in car wrecks, his head whips back and then forward crashing onto the carpeted yet very hard floor! A big fat busted up bloody lip, a bruised up nose and rug burn on his chin is the consequence impulse descision! He just got too cocky...jumps are now far and few in between and most importantly at heights he can actually handle. 

Oh Crap! moment #47
So we quit trying to brush the boys teeth after they eat dinner while still in their high chairs, why you ask? Because every time they are in the bathroom, which is a lot because heaven forbid I use the restroom by myself, they jump up onto the counter in the manner pictured above and brush their teeth with Phil or I's toothbrush (note to self, put their toothbrushes next to the sink). They are little monkey's and never fall off, except this one time. Eli was perched up there one day (his dad was in there also), I was in the kitchen and heard a horrendous crash followed by a very painful cry. Yes Eli fell backwards and landed on the step stool, then fell off the step stool and his head hit the space heater that was on the ground. He was on concussion watch for the rest of the day...

Oh Crap! moment #48
Their room is a jungle gym now, this was going to be a picture to show you this but it ended up being a picture of Caleb falling head first!

Oh Crap! moment #49

Eli and Caleb getting into a fisticuffs. It happens all the time, they bite, push, and for a while now they hit!

Oh Crap! moment #49
A Hotwheels at the bottom of my toilet, I've lost track of how many things I've fished out of the toilet. The words "oh crap" echo in my head when I realize I have to stick my hand down there!  One other notable incident was when I found my Sensodyne toothpaste in there. Had it been at a more prosperous time I would have chucked that thing into the trash can without a second thought! But we are pinching pennies nowadays and that stuff is $6 a tube! I washed it (thankfully the cap had been on) and tried not to think of where it had been!

Oh Crap! moment #50
The boys ability to climb out of their cribs hasn't always been a bad thing. For about two weeks Caleb, the first one to get up, had been climbing out and jumping into bed with us. It was great, because we could snuggle the crap out of him (so to speak) and for a short while I began to think that it would be so nice to co-sleep. If only we didn't have to exclude anyone since five in a queen sized bed simply couldn't work. Anyways, if Caleb walked in early enough he'd even fall asleep again until the other two woke us up again. It was a blissful two or so weeks of waking up to a snugly cuddly baby. Well on this particular day we did not wake up with Caleb snuggled in between us but instead to an irate screaming Eli. This was the scene when Phil and I walked into!

There was a brand new bag of Cuties on the kitchen floor containing about a dozen oranges. Caleb brought them ALL to Thomas. Thomas was peeling them and sharing them with Caleb. They had eaten so many oranges that towards the end they were just chewing them to drink the juice and then spitting them out. And poor Eli, who at the time couldn't yet climb out of his crib, was screaming his head off because he wanted oranges too! We have since installed those do-hickeys on the doorknobs so they don't wreck havoc in the house while we sleep. 

Here is a pic of Thomas peeling oranges, he is really good at it! I tell you, for only being two their fine motor skills are impressive!   

Oh Crap! moment #51
Call it the terrible two's or that they just really love taking baths but lately it is such a struggle not to take them out of the bath kicking and screaming! I decided that at this bath time I'd let them stay in there as long as they wanted, in fact I wanted them to practically beg me to come out! That was the plan but it back fired on me terribly! We were in there going on 1hr and 15min when it happened, it was the first time this had ever happened. I still don't know who did it because I had looked away for two seconds, but somebody POOPED in the bath water!!! And it wasn't your friendly solid turd, it was a very soft poop and diffused evenly in the water in a matter of two seconds, yuck! I quickly turned the sink faucet on and rinsed them off as best I could while they are kicking and screaming because they do not want to get out! After I got everyone diapered and clothed I drained the tub and washed their contaminated bath toys in the the sink. So gross!


New words: so I don't think I will keep track of new words anymore except for the ones that are particularly funny or interesting. Caleb's newest word is tortilla but he pronounces it either tootoo-tuta or just tuta-tuta, so glad they didn't skip the made up words phase because it cracks me up every time he says it : ) Eli says money and dewey both of which I will assume he made up since we never say money around here nor do we know anyone named Dewey. Not sure if he has assigned them any meaning but I did try to explain to him what money was. Lately he also says 'matam' a lot and we are not sure what this means either but it kind of sounds like 'damelo' (give it to me, in Spanish) but that's just a guess for now because sometimes it doesn't fit the context.

Caleb has been putting two or more words together. For example, the other day he was kind of singing 'up up nuna (luna)' which means 'up up moon'. Funny how he's mixing both languages, but it's to be expected. On another occasion he was in my room and he says "mama, papa, (points to self) and says mimi (while pointing to the bed)" he was trying to say that mom, dad and Caleb sleep in that bed. I'm impressed! Eli is also starting to put two words together as well but Thomas isn't quite there yet but he does put together a lot of words with signs (that are either made up or ones I've taught them). Caleb's favorite two word sentences are 'no don't' and 'no fill-in-the-blank (enter whatever I've asked him to do), but I guess this doesn't come as a surprise considering they are in the midst of the terrible two's!

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