Thursday, January 24, 2013

To The Top!

Caleb doing a little boot camp training...

starting at the bottom
assessing the challenge and making sure he really wants to go through with it 
doing pretty good
making progress
oh no! his hand slipped, will he give up???
things are not looking good, can you see the anguish on his face or is just sheer determination!?! 
he's almost there!
He did it! The look and face of accomplishment!
may I reiterate how difficult group shots are these days!
Caleb eating menudo with tortillas
Caleb's favorite food might just be toota-tootaa's (tortillas), the boy can put away as many as four corn tortillas along with his meal. I'm no fan of the sorry excuses for tortillas that you can buy in US grocery stores, I can choke them down in they are heavily masked with other foods but Caleb loves them even just by them self. I can only imagine the hurt this boy would do in Mexico where tortillas are made right!

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nan cee said...

I would love to join Caleb for a lunch or dinner of menudo and tortillas! YEAH-he stuck to it and made it to the top climbing!
Love you guys,