Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Grass Patch

Adding a patch of grass in the otherwise dirt filled corner of the yard was the best idea ever. The boys were getting so dirty after playing back there and it was a chore to clean them up each time! Three weeks after we laid down the sod, the grass patch was looking rather lonely so we needed to put it to good use, especially now that the immediate weather is looking fantastic. I put the boys picnic table back there and I figured it would be a great spot for their pool on hot days (now the pool water won't turn into mud after 20min!). But since there was still a lot of space left I thought of getting the boys one of those little plastic teeter totters but after looking on craigslist for a while and not finding anything I figured I'd just buy it new since they were only like $50. I was close to getting it when this teeter totter popped up on craigslist! It's close to $200 brand new and I scored it for only $40 and best of all it spins! If I get the balance just right I can spin them till they are good and dizzy. The first day we got it the boys spent like three solid hours taking turns on it, they love it and for now it's the funnest thing to do in the back yard : )

A little dirty but hardly was used by it's last owner!
making bubbles on the grass patch
Chasing bubbles
Eli lookin so cool
More teeter totter please!
The boys on a mission to torture our friend K
The boys love building really tall hammers, the only trouble is that it's only good for one tap before it breaks (and it makes them pretty mad)
doggy pile!
I thought this picture of T was really cute.
Doesn't he look like a chipmunk?
Here are a couple of goofy videos of the boys...

After turning on the tv Thomas started dancing to it and I wasn't about to change the channel until I saw how it was going to play out. I also love how funny Eli looks with his big ol' belly and flip flops. Make sure to watch his closing little dance!
This next one is funny because at one point Thomas starts doing this weird dance and immediately Eli starts copying him. Then theirs the little tug of war at the end : )


mary said...

What a fantastic seesaw. I didnt know there were any that could twirl around in a circle and go up and down also!

I adore the argyle sweaters on your boys! Handsome.

mary said...

I'm back. Just watched the dance/clapping hands vid. SO CUTE! Boys got some smoooth moves.

Jonalyn said...

Thomas dances so much better than I do. :) Glad they're enjoying the seesaw! Craigslist rocks!

nan cee said...

What can I say? They are so entertaining! Thanks for keeping us updated with all the pictures and great videos!
Love to you all,

Jessica said...

When I was a kid we borrowed a four person twirling contraption from a neighbor. Like a cross between a merry-go-round and a teeter totter for four. It was so fun and I tried to convince my Dad to get us one. Until it got off balance and the whole thing went tipping over with heavy metal pieces banging into kids.

Play things sure have improved over the years!