Monday, June 25, 2012

Date Night!

I shamefully didn't get any pictures of the boys this weekend. We went to Friday and Sunday of our district convention and it was just too hard to put much importance into taking pictures. We'll be making up the Saturday we lost next weekend. The boys could have probably handled three days in a row but Phil and I can't! On Friday we had Caleb and Eli with us and they both decided to only nap for 20 min. Thomas always goes and sits with his friends A & S whom he behaves wonderfully for (but never for us). On Sunday a friend took Eli to sit with her and Caleb decided to sleep through most of lunch, thanks pal! 

Phil and I had our second real date since the boys have been born. Our awesome friend V and her sister and brother baby-sat so we could go to Phil's co-worker/friends' wedding. Since I don't have pics of the boys I'll share these with you.  I've never been to such a rad wedding! It was sooo Portland hipster, you'll see what I mean by the pictures. For a few hours I felt cool and forgot I was a dorky mom of triplets!

 Catered by food carts, yum!

 Beer, Korean tacos (I could eat this everyday!!!), and savory cupcakes (cheese & apricot, chive & prosciutto, and peanut butter & stinking good!)

live string band

I certainly couldn't publish a post with just pics of Phil and I, that would be lame and boring. I found a file of pictures from last summer that I must have downloaded but never looked at. Check out these jems...

 With Phil's friend Brian and his Model T? I think he drove this car all the way from Fargo to PDX last year, he's getting married in a couple of weeks so Phil and I will get another date night : ) 

 Two sweet expressions by baby Caleb, their eyes are only fully appreciated in direct sunlight. So unique, if you also have grey eyes with a brown ring around the pupil make yourself known! I want to know their are others out there : ) 

If you have time to kill check out this crazy video I found of these 60 year old triplet guys. Maybe the boys can start a business together but I think they'll need to think of a simpler name than 'Pittsenbarger, Pittsenbarger, & Pittsenbarger'

Life of Identical Triplets

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Tati & Jonalyn said...

"the triple Pitts" might be simpler to say ... but perhaps not quite as appealing.