Thursday, June 7, 2012

How DO you do it!?

For those who ask me with disbelief "I don't know how you do it?!" I can't help but think that either you highly underestimate what you are capable of or your kids are really terrible.

This isn't physics, the concepts are simple. While most change one diaper I change three, I feed three babies, I load three babies into the car, etc etc etc. Yes lots of things do take three times as long but many things don't, this is why assembly lines are so popular because they are efficient, think feedings (they all eat at the same time) and I wash all their clothes at the same time (it's just a bigger load). There is still only one bathroom to clean, one kitchen, 1 kids worth of toys scattered about in one area. I don't have toys scattered on the roof or in the basement or even in my hair!

I am not about to break down at any moment in fact I'm far from it. We have our bad days but doesn't everyone? It IS a lot of hard work but with some organization most CAN manage raising triplets. Multiples learn patience before they can even understand what the concept is. They have to wait their turn and share from the time they are conceived. This is very helpful and makes a huge difference!

On rare occasions when I only have one boy to look after it feels so easy, so gentle, and so peaceful. Honestly I don't know why people complain. Many hands make the load light: two parents, two arms/parent, sometimes a much older brother or sister, and ALL this to ONE child! Although I'm sure this probably all goes out the window with baby number two if sibling are close in age.

At the end of the day I am pretty exhausted and possibly not three times as much, but I get a solid 8 hours of sleep to recuperate. I get paid with three times the rewards. Three times the hugs, three times the kisses, three times the cuteness, three times the sweetness, and three times the love! I seriously want to explode sometimes because of all this awesomeness around me. What could be better than that? Maybe knowing that my boys will always have not one but TWO best friends at their side.

Sometimes I just need to vent!

This is the face I make inside when people ask me stupid questions, and oh man there are so many when you have triplets in tow!


nan cee said...

When people ask me how I am doing I tell them with Jehovah's help! I am sure you get his help too. I don't ask how you do it I commend you for doing it! We can all tell by the pictures and your posting that you are doing a great job! Love to you all,

Mary said...

I think most people are just fascinated by multiples, and want to know more about it, but then they inadvertently come across as SUPER NOSY!

I'd suggest you walk fast and try not to make eye contact with the strangers and they will be less tempted to ask any questions!

Jonalyn said...

To the outsider it looks like a ridiculous amount of work. Like, I'm about to have 3 kids, but spaced far apart ... which to me doesn't seem like a big deal, as they're all in different stages of being able to care for themselves, help, etc. But I look at parents of multiples and imagine hitting certain stages all at once (like walking, potty training), and it seems overwhelming. :) But I imagine when you're in that situation, you just DO IT. I look at M.O.M.'s and know they are organized!

And may I say .... what a pitiful face! But it's so cute I have to smile!

Phil said...

Janet and I don't mind mind at all when people take an interest in the boys (since they are so darn cute) but it can get old hearing the same old things about how we must have our hands full, and how we must be sooo tired. And when people give us dirty looks because we have the audacity to have 3 babies on this already over populated earth.
The other day a young couple with a baby at the park told us that it must be a lot of fun having 3 little dudes to play with, that's the kind of positive comments that we appreciate, so its not all bad.

Phil (dad)

Jennifer said...

Thank you for this great post. We just got told last week that we are having triplets. After reading your post I feel like it may actually be possible, and maybe even fun. So maybe I'm a little less terrified now- thanks.

JP said...

Congrats Jennifer! Just don't count on the 8 hrs of sleep until much later on : )