Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh Crap! moment #28

First some random pictures....

We all know Eli loves his Roarski, while I keep a stuffed animal in the other two's crib they pretty much could care less about them, except for this off day? No one would let them go.

 C, I always assign puppy dogs to Thomas but it looks like they decided to overrule my descision! I should get used to this right?

 T with the 'girafa'

 Caleb re-hydrating the play dough

Our big boy table is now complete with the chairs! I'm hoping to phase out high chairs some time in the not too far off future : )

Even though they don't look happy they actually all got up in good moods after naptime! A very rare occurrence so I took a picture to remember. The 10 minutes after naptime is my least favorite part of the day. Can you believe it they still haven't climbed out yet, although I did see Thomas do a little ballerina leg stretch but his heel didn't even go over the top so I think we're safe for a little while longer. This is a good thing since the boys pretty much have a party before naptime and bedtime. I sometimes hear them chit chatting away an hour past when I put them down!

Eli was slow eating his snack so I put him in the highchair to protect him from his brothers. So what do they do? They take his socks off! You can see Eli is not happy about this : (

The boys have been loving the raspberry explosion in the back yard!

 If you are on the market for a new jungle gym, sandbox, basket ball hoop or what have you, save your self some money and just take your old wheel barrel and turn it upside down. I can't tell you how many hours of enjoyment the boys get from this dumb thing! They fight over who get to stand on it, over who gets to spin the wheel...if it didn't have a flat tire we'd be giving them wheel barrel rides too : )

Oh Crap! #28
Sometimes you see it happening before your own eyes, and you are torn whether to intervene or to just let it happen because you might make it worse...this was one of those moments.


I mentioned before that it's starting to become easier to manage the boys in open spaces so the other day we went for a walk in our neighborhood and went past a tiny little park at the end of a cul-de-sac (sp?) with a low to the ground jungle gym so I thought, what the heck lets try it and see. I felt a little bit like a herding dog, had to remind the boys to stay close A LOT but we stayed for a long time and the boys played their hearts out! I still won't take them to the big park by myself because the jungle gym is so tall (I don't want broken heads) and they don't get the concept of keeping a safe distance from the swings and I worry they'll get kicked in the head.

When the boys hurt themselves they all run to me so I can kiss their booboos now. Before they just ran to me for comfort but now I can tell they expect a kiss as well : )

The boys ask me to wipe their hands off now when they get sticky and dirty. And by ask I mean groan and stick their hands in my face till I clean them.

Some new words: Thomas has started saying hi, and Eli said 'aca' a few times which means 'over there' in Spanish. I hadn't realized how much I say this, 'stay over there' or 'don't go over there!' And all the boys say 'caca' now, and I can't help but crack up everytime they say it! Here is a video of E saying caca


Jonalyn said...

What cuties!! So sad I can't see them this weekend. (And you, too!)

nan cee said...

They just keep on getting cuter by the day!
Love to you all,

Tasha said...

Hi I am pregnant with triplets and have been reading your site and enjoying it. I have a question I hope you can answer for me. Is one ever left out with your triplets? I worry that because I am having 3 instead of 2 (this was unplanned) that 1 will always be left out of playing, etc.

JP said...

Congrats Tasha! Glad you like my blog : ) so far playtime has not left anyone out, at this point they mostly just copy eachother. Who knows what will happen as they get older!

Tasha said...

Thanks for answering my question. Thanks for keeping this site up, it's great!!