Thursday, June 14, 2012

Oh Crap! moment #25-27

Oh Crap! #25

Caleb runs faster than his good judgement! I had Phil round the boys up to come back inside the house. As I come out the door to help bring them inside I see Caleb running at lighting speeds when he sees an approaching step and he tries to stop himself but he's going too fast and his head is so big that it propels him forward to where he just dove head first onto a patch of gravel. He must have hit a sharp rock because he had a cut that bled pretty good (5-6 drops). Oh and I should mention he scraped up the same spot where he'd already had a scrape from a similar incident where tried to stop and pick up a piece of chalk, but again he had no time to slow down!

Oh Crap! #26

At the same time Caleb falls out of the bath tub as Eli goes underwater (not intentionally)! Panic!

Oh Crap! #27 this one made me really really mad!

It always starts with a loud crash! The boys knocked over the dvd player, the vcr (yes we still have one), and you can't see it in the picture but also our beloved wii! Not to mention they ripped the tape of their 12-15mo homevideo! Now I have the wonderful side project of fixing the miniDV, argh!

This is how I found them. It begs the question what is that stupid fence really doing for us now other than making my house look ugly and facilitating their climbing?

More Pictures


ETC (this was not staged, I passed out snacks and cups and they all sat down like this : )


I was putting shoes on the boys when I notice that Eli had already put on both of his slip on shoes by himself and on the correct feet! It wasn't perfect since he was stepping on the heel of one shoe, but that's still pretty good!

The boys seem so thin to me when I compare them to their baby pictures, even though I never really thought of them as chubby babies (I guess they were chubby, just not super chubby). Well now most kids their age are getting long and lean so when compared to my boys they seem pretty stalky. When I see Phils' kid pictures he always seemed solid and muscular (according to him he was and I believe it from his pictures!). The boys are like little tree trunks and I think they will take after their pops who has a broad shouldered manly physique : )

The boys have gotten used to being unrestricted in the bath tub and they get pretty wild in there so I can kiss story time during bath time good bye. I've also been having a hard time getting Eli out! That boy LOVES the water. The next 80 degree day I'm busting out the kiddie pool and someone better tell Eli that there isn't going to be a lot of room left once I get in!

Here is a cute video of Thomas saying 'baby,' too bad I couldn't get a video of him saying 'baby' and pointing at himself like he did the other day, so cute!


nan cee said...

Yep, boys will be boys and get their bumps and bruises! Love the picture of Phil with the three of them on the little trampoline!
My love to you all,
A. Nancy

Jonalyn said...

Yeah, the fence doesn't seem to be doing much for you any more! Unless you make it twice as tall and screw it into the wall! Doesn't seem worth it!