Monday, June 18, 2012

Desert Blast

So we had our first 80 degree day or as the lovely people of the northwest call it a 'desert blast,' ha!

Look at those legs! See what I mean, these boys are built like tree trunks : )

Thomas waving bye-bye to Fuzzy

The peaches have arrived!

Thomas devoured his peach in like 30 seconds!

Caleb liked his peach too!

Eli's was a bit too sour and only ate half!

Caleb showing off his mad hops, this boy is going to be the athlete of the bunch. He can run, throw, and jump! This video is really cute especially Eli's running after wards : ) Oh and Caleb is in yellow...


The boys are getting their canines in and I'm giving up keeping track of teeth. I dare not stick my fingers in their mouths anymore, ouch!

We went to the coast on Sunday but I'll save those pics for the next post!


nan cee said...

The only cell phone service I have is just that for making phone calls. I think I can see U Tube videos on the internet so I have no comment on your switching. This video is so cute! After all that activity they should be ready for a nap!
Love you guys,
A. Nancy

Jonalyn said...

Wow, he's awesome!

mary said...

Love the new swim pool. it has nice shaded area for the littles. they are so photogenic. sour face made me giggle!