Friday, June 22, 2012


In Tillamook at the Blue Heron to pet the animals and sample their dips!




 Caleb thought it was great to stick his hands in the goats mouth. I told him to stop, and then seconds later something must have happened (I am sure no one got bit) but someone freaked out which set off all three boys into panic screaming!
You can't see him but I have Eli in red in my other arm

When we got home we checked to see when the last time we came was and I kid you not, it was almost exactly (+/-1week) a year ago. We totally didn't plan it either!
We tried to recreate last years pic but the boys were having none of it!
 only one year, what a HUGE difference! The boys had just started sitting up without assistance and were starting to army crawl. Boy have things changed : )

 Caleb now
Caleb then

Now on to the beach, same spot as last year too : ) It was overcast and a bit chilly, I expected the water to feel like ice cube but it was surprisingly bearable. 

 E (oops caught this several days later, its actually C)



 E, check out the sand chunks in the air, such a good picture!


 Me yelling at one of the boys to NOT run full speed straight into the ocean!

At the Blue Heron we noticed something different, when we put the boys down they didn't run in three different directions like they normally do. They stayed close and didn't run around like crazed monkeys just out of prison! I think this is the beginning of a different way of life for us. The smallest things can really make a huge difference to a family with triplets! 

I looked at last years post and I had written that we were now sleeping. So it's been an entire year that Phil and I have been getting enough sleep. I can't say the boys were the worst sleepers but they certainly weren't the best. 8 months is a long time to only sleep an average of 4-5hours/night! So glad that's over to say the least : )


nan cee said...

It is so nice to see the comparisons! You have all come a long way. Your little "beach bums" are so darn cute!

Jonalyn said...

"Crazed monkeys just out of prison". I like that! Looks like you guys had a nice time, aside from the goat freaking the boys out. :)

Mary said...

Good for you guys--always going out and about with THREE one year olds! Like I said before, so brave!

The photo of E walking along the beach with that sidelong glance is so darling!