Monday, June 11, 2012

Rose Parade

TCE, Caleb wouldn't stop break dancing until we threatened him with a time out!


all Nike'd out

Saturday Market in the background, why haven't we come sooner? So full of goodies!


If we had had girls we would have just hit the tutu jackpot!

C and pops checkin out the parade

E always insists on wearing my head bands!

Let's get outta hear it's nap time!


The boys are making more improvements in the speech department, yay! It's really all starting to make sense to me why multiples are so prone to speech delays. While most babies/toddler are trying to imitate their parents or older siblings, multiples are busy imitating each other. All day long my three monkey's are too busy trying to impress each other and there is just no time to try and learn from me! I can't hardly get any ones attention before someone distracts them and they are off to play copy cat games. 

Anyways on to the improvements. Thomas has been saying 'baby' for the last few days now and he says it so much that Eli now says it too. Eli also says 'elmo' but sometimes it sounds like 'el' and other times he says 'em.' Getting these guys to repeat anything is a tough job (except for Eli) but I got Caleb and Eli into a rant the other day and they were all yelling 'papa, papa' with a Spanish accent (emphasis on last 'a'), they say dada like crazy but I want them to call their dad 'papa' (just being sentimental, cultural reasons). Eli will try to say most any thing I ask him to say as long as it's not a real complicated word, in which case he gives me this look of 'whatever mom.' So I'm not sure what to count in their vocabulary list, stuff they've said at least once, stuff they repeat consistently, stuff they say clearly or stuff they use in the right context? It was so much easier before, I'm starting to lose track of who said what and what says who???

I have noticed Caleb has an increased interest when I read to him but it's really hard to get through a whole 7 page book before someone comes and rips it out of my hands. When the boys were evaluated for their speech I told the ladies that I felt guilty for not reading to them more but it just always turns into a big fight over my lap or the book. It was nice to hear them say that sitting still for story time is more of a 2 year old skill and so it fits right in that Caleb now is becoming more into story time and hopefully the others will too : )


Bryan said...

Those boys look ready for a trip to LA! Do they pop-lock? All boys in LA know how to pop-lock...not to be confused with the other handy LA automotive skill "pop-a-lock".

nan cee said...

Eventually it will all come together! They will be talking up a storm and you will be trying to keep them quiet! :)
Love you all,
A. Nancy

JP said...

Bryan, I'll have to ask them but I do know they like to crump now and then : )

Jonalyn said...

Sitting still for storytime will come soon enough! Sounds like they're doing great!

Mary said...

If someone has said it just once, I would def count it!

Aracely said...

Sweet! Como aprenden mis papachis. Hermosos! I remember it was hard to read to one when the other was pulling the book out of my hands..cute silly boys...I love all those tu tus! If they would of been girls I would of have sent them a whole closet full of them! I love tu tus :)..Funny that last pic looks like Phil is getting a head start on that nap! ha ha