Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh Crap! #33

Had to share this super cute video of Thomas making his brothers laugh during bath time, who needs mom to entertain when you have such funny brothers : )


Oh Crap! moment #33

What a predicament! Is he trying to copy the bubble wand that's in his hand!? (and yes I had to rescue him from this one)
 Just some cute pics from the week...

Such a handsome boy! (C)
Couldn't decide which one I liked better : )
T's lego creation, I make them hold it up or pose with their works of art so I can take a picture to show dad : )
another T creation
Eli did this one with the help of his Roarski!

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Jonalyn said...

Who knew blowing bubbles would be so funny for so long? How cute!!