Friday, June 21, 2013

Berry Picking

For the last two weeks or so each day we go outside to the yard and the boys pick and eat all the berries they can reach. Then I pick the ones I can reach and let the boys go at those too. We have a big patch of raspberries, which grow like weeds here. And two blueberry bushes that are on the small side but produce miraculous amounts of berries. If I had to guess I would say my yard produces about $200 worth of berries each summer and we get to eat them ALL! Note to self: plant two more blueberry bushes : ) So I had thought of taking the boys berry picking at the farms nearby but now I'm thinking "what for?!" we do it everyday in the comfort of our back yard... and it's free!

the gang
thought it was funny the way they are lined up : )
T's second cup
Earlier this week we went on a little organized hike for kids at some gardens in town. They point out cool plants, let the kids water stuff and plant seeds. Then they do a little craft project, we had never done it before, it was fun!
The boys invited their friend Oz to come along
It sure is handy to have Oz along, it's like having a big brother without the commitment, ha!
The craft project was necklaces, the medallions are plant leaves and flowers they picked, sandwiched in sticky clear paper (sounds like I'm describing tape! it's a little different)
After the hike we meandered through the gardens and stopped for a snack : )
Caleb is so proud of his necklace that he hasn't taken it off in three days!

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mary said...

Oz looks like he could really be one of yours. fits right in.

You are so lucky to have berry-producing bushes!