Monday, June 10, 2013

Impromptu Photo Shoot!

We were all ready for meeting yesterday; bathed, dressed and I even put gel in the boys hair to spike it up for the very first time. Since we had some time to kill (very very rare in itself) I brought out the camera and told the boys to line up for a picture and to my chagrin they complied. And even better, smiled and looked right at the camera! I couldn't help but take like a million pictures! Great group pictures of these boys is a very rare occurrence these days. I can't even bribe them to smile so these pics are extra special, they are my favorite since their Hawaii group picture (the one that I have on the top right side bar of this blog). Sorry if they seem to repeat them selves but I liked all their different expressions : )
These shirts were hand me downs that we got soon after the boys were born. I don't even remember who gave them to us but thank you! They look so cute in them : )
What do you think of the spiky hair, it's a good look for them don't you think?


End Photo Shoot


nan cee said...

Oh how handsome they look! Great pictures!
Love to you all,

Aracely said...

Cannot get any more cuter than this!!! Oh and those shirts and that hair!! love love! :D

mary said...

Love the photos especially the close-up one with the ECT caption.