Friday, June 7, 2013

Water Balloons!

We had a really fun morning today, first we stopped by Phil's work and showed off the boys to his new co-workers. Of course everyone was delighted to see triplets! Haha, I love having triplets! Every one is always telling me how awesome and adorable my children are, unlike "your hand are full," THAT ONE never gets old! After this Phil took the boys to a park that is conveniently located across the street from his work, while I ran a quick errand downtown. I walked by some really awesome fountains full of little kids playing so I can't wait for the next hot day to go to with the boys! 
Leaving the park downtown
A couple hours later the boys had a little social gathering for their pre-preschool program. One of the activities was water balloons. This was their very first experience with water balloons and they were in heaven popping them! Just look at those faces, it's smiles ear to ear : )
C and E

Oh the insanity of it all!!!
After water balloons they played in the play ground
Just doesn't get cutter than this!
Jail birds!
Then some tasty lunch!
Here is a little video so you can all see how much they were loving the water balloons (btw the woman with blonde hair is their teacher)...


nan cee said...

Those balloons look like a whole lot of fun. As hot as it is here today I would have loved to been there joining them!
Love to you all,

mary said...

Omg. whomever it was that had a hand on his chin lookin all sweet is gonna be a heartbreaker! Well, i think all of them will be. hehehe. i agree, your triplets are awesome.

Jonalyn said...

The looks on their faces are just priceless!