Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Faces!

Phil's cousin Jonalyn and company came to Portland for the district convention and we had them over for dinner one night. We got to meet baby Jake for the first time too : )

All the kids : )
How do you like my new wall color!?
Bad boys! they shouldn't be on the table!
Dinner time at the little kids table
I told to boys to give Jake a hug
More hugs and Eli looking cute to the side
More snuggles at the convention : )
 Happy Faces!
I have tried to encourage drawing but the end result is always chewed up crayons or broken pencils and very little drawing. I have not wanted to deal with that so not much drawing has been happening around here. A couple of weeks ago I got two doodle pads at a garage sale (the kind with a large drawing area, we have little travel ones and they suck) and they are sooo much better than paper and pencil/crayon! No mess or spent materials! Much of what the boys have drawn up until now has been scribbles, circles and lines but nothing that looks like anything. But look at what they've started drawing!

The boys call these "appy!" and then they clap for themselves
First the circle
Then the eyes and mouth : )
Eli thinks we need new cabinets.
(Phil and I had been measuring the boys room so that Phil could start the blue prints on their toddler beds. We now have a computer drawing of it so I may have to share a sneak peek soon!)

Other than drawing happy faces I must report that potty accidents are at an all time low! In the last week I can't think of one single accident that has happened. Even when we go out the boys have been really good about telling that they have to go. I must say it is sooooo nice to be diaper free I can hardly believe that four months ago I was changing diapers full time! So nice to be diaper free, seriously toddler poops past 18 months are no different than man poops. So stinky! After having three little boys I'm extremely desensitized to pee, I don't even fret when it gets on me but I've never gotten over how gross poop is. Knowing it's on me, swells me with panic and I can't think of anything other than 'get it off, get if off, get it off!' until I do. I don't care if they are my kids, it's gross! Even though accidents are at an all time low, laundry is at an all time high. Three little boys with bad aim and lots of dribbles is an equation for lots of underwear changes and lots of pee on our bathroom floors. That and they love changing their underwear just because they want to wear a different pattern so I never know if something is truly dirty. so I just er on the side of caution. You think 35 pairs of underwear would be enough but it only is because I do laundry twice a week!


Sara 诗媛 said...

so nice you have so many fresh berries

Sara 诗媛 said...

oops, commented on the wrong post

mary said...

Budding artists! Awesome faces. Great idea using a magna doodle (Paper and crayon waste is at an all-time high here.) Another great thing is no worries about scribbling all over the walls!

Jonalyn said...

I love how your kids are all seated nicely to eat, and mine is standing there. :P I love the drawings! Magna-doodles are great for little ones, except you can't save the good drawings. So it's good you took pictures!