Monday, June 17, 2013

Little Trail Blazers!

Since the boys have really good stamina for walking we thought it wasn't too soon to get those little legs on a trail. Phil and I liked to hike before we had the boys but all the hikes we know and used to do have big drop off's and big elevation changes so not very kid friendly and especially not toddler friendly. After asking around someone recommended this book (see pic below) so we could find some safer places to take the kids hiking. So on Saturday we tested the waters and did a 2 mile hike and the boys loved it! We picked salmon berries, looked at slugs, examined animal poop and found cool sticks. The last quarter mile we were at almost a standstill and we kept having to poke the boys with sticks (yes literally) to keep them moving. They didn't seem too tired but kept getting side tracked by sticks and various stuff they saw along the way. But all things considered they did pretty good in my book!

Lots of the hikes in here are within minutes of us so I'm really glad we got it!
EPC: The boys always pull their hats too low : )
T and dad
Blazing up the trail!
Checking out horse poop after getting to meet and pet a horse along the trail!
ETC: The boys would greet other hikers by yelling "iking!"
Forest hugs
Here we were so close to the parking lot but the boys all wanted turns in the tree stump : )
After a nap at home we went out for pizza again
T, Phil and our friend R
Cuttin the rug like they like to do
Playing outside of the Re-building Center after pizza

On Sunday we went over to our friend K's house for dinner where the boys had a blast playing with all of Oscar's cool toys.
What a fun weekend!


mary said...

That looks like a great trail, very nice and shady! Good to have a picture of you with your boys. not enough of those!

I adore the candid dancing pic of your littles. hehehe.

nan cee said...

I really appreciate all the interesting and fun things you take time out to do with the boys. The hike was an ultimate in my opinion and I would have loved to been with just to watch the boys! Watch out for poison oak and ivy!
Love to you all,