Thursday, June 13, 2013

Play Time!

Fighting is all too common among siblings and as any MOM would agree, it's worse among multiples. The fights started as soon as they could crawl, one boy would take something from the other resulting in one bawling his eyes out. A little older, the victim would try to take it back. And then a little older the victim would hit the offender and the offender would hit back as well! All day long I break up fights, I guess that's my job, among other things. Being the same age, same sex, and sharing the same interests is a recipe for lots of fights but that can also be a recipe for best friends. As a side note, for three little people who don't have the most extensive vocabulary they sure do argue a lot with eachother! Back and forth they jibber jabber, 'no go' 'no stop' 'no (insert word).' To some extent the boys have always played with each other, just maybe not in the way I thought they would or would like them too. Well lately the boys have been playing REALLY well. It feels like the gap between fights is getting longer and longer. Although the fights are more intense and take longer to blow over but this seems better to me than endless little conflict after little conflict. It used to be that Phil would come home and assume duties as referee so I could cook dinner. Well for what ever reason post nap has become their best "playing together" time. The last few days Phil and I have sat on the couch observing them chase each other back and forth or pretend being a train by running around in a single file and yelling "choo-choo." They even make each other laugh all the time. It's very cute and feel like I'm reaping the rewards of having multiples since they provide entertainment for each other. They are also much better at taking turns and sharing too (but there is plenty of room for improvement). 

I was doing some stuff online (like paying bills) and all I could hear was their chitter chatter and giggling coming from their bedroom. Well after several minutes I checked in on them and this is what I saw, it continued for approximately 45 minutes without a single fight!
T backwards "reading" elephabet (very weird book but also really awesome!)
Eli looking like he's contemplating a major life decision
Eli telling me that the sea turtle sculpture has two eyes
Thomas got to go with dad to the store since his brothers were still asleep. I can't help but get excited for them when they go on mini parent dates : )
The silly faces of Caleb (he just had to ride in the backpack after he saw Thomas on it when they got back from the store)

he's such a sweet boy!
The boys look like they are straight out of the movie The Sandlot with their chucks, jeans, t-shirt and baseball cap. I like the "all American" boy look on them : )
Up a steep hill (I can barely do it)
pot belly : )


mary said...

Aww, the three of them just chatting it up in a single crib is just about the cutest thing ever! Best friends is right!

nan cee said...

Nice to hear they are getting along much better and entertaining each other. Must be very amusing to watch and listen to all the giggling.
Love you all,
A. Nancy