Saturday, October 8, 2011

1 Year Photo Shoot

Sauvie Island Adventure

We love going to Sauvie island to pick berries, hang out at the beach and visit the pumpkin patches in the fall. It was an easy choice to go there for the boys one year photo shoot. It was a cool, cloudy, and overcast day, perfect picture taking weather! Thankfully the boy's Aunt Janet was visiting and she was able to help us juggle the boys and take pictures along with us. We are no Rebecca Davis from NW Catchlights but what do you think? I don't think we did too bad : )

First Stop: the great Columbia River Beach

In this set of pics the boys are all in birth order, of course! Caleb, Eli, Thomas

I totally scored on these shirts at a buy one get two free sale, they perfectly match the boys personalities. Click on the pic so you can read what it says : )

Mom and Eli

Second Stop: the Pumpkin Patch

Caleb in orange, Eli in green, Thomas in Brown




Thanks Aunt Janet!


Jessica said...

I am finally getting able to spot their differences, and it is the hair! Thomas makes a T with his hair going into a point, Eli's goes into three points, like an E, and Caleb's tends to go to the side. How nice of them to help us out like that.
Great pictures, Janet.

Jonalyn said...

Those are GREAT! Looks like the boys had lots of fun. Love the shirts. :)

Aracely said...

love them!!! those shirts describe them each perfectly!! soo cute how Eli is trying to put that big ol pumpkin in his mouth! Tonto! oh my gosh they are just amazing! mandame fotos so I can frame them! hugs & kisses from Tia Aracely!

Langlais Family said...

Oh my gosh! I totally have those shirts for my boys! We just haven't put them on yet. AND I got those jackets for next year (but I got blue instead of brown). So funny. BBB moms must think alike!!!