Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This post is not about 'A journey on foot undertaken by an Australian Aboriginal in order to live in the traditional manner.' This post is about walking : )

The boys look so cute walking, especially when you see all three running around. They are so tiny that it doesn't seem like they should be capable of walking. Thomas by far is the cutest walker, he looks like he's doing the 'Charleston' (Phil came up with that one). He holds his hands up close to his face and kind of high steps it. Eli moves his entire body left then right with each step. Caleb is the smoothest walker and always looks nonchalant as he glides past you looking like he's on a conveyor belt. I put this little video together so you can see what I mean.

Big boy shoes

Since it was a little muddy out I thought it might be a good idea to try out big boy shoes (hard soled shoes). I went and fished out the two dozen shoes we've been passed down. Thinking I could choose the ones that matched the best I realized that only 3 pairs actually fit. The boys have very chubby feet so the shoes not only had to be the right length but also width and depth. So Thomas ended up with these silly boots with pompoms. The boys were too funny, they didn't know how to walk in them! Case and point:

Play Time



In anticipation of winter weather we joined an indoor play area co-op close by. My goal is to make it out there at least once a week. The boys really NEED to go there everyday but that's all I can really handle right now. Going there, and really anywhere by myself, literally takes me the whole day to prepare. For example this last time we went I got the boys out of their pj's and dressed before they went down for their nap. I got myself dressed and ready during the boys nap in lieu of cleaning the kitchen (I usually have to sacrifice something). The boys got up at 2pm from their wonderful 2hr nap and I proceeded with my usual routine of diaper changes, milk feeding, and then lunch. I wanted to do a round of diaper changes before we left so everyone would be nice and dry for their fun outing. After I changed everyone I noticed Eli might be pooping so I go and change him again. When I get back from doing that, ugh, I see that now Thomas is pooping. I must add these were the tiniest of poops, they had bigger poops as preemies! Next I put on their shoes and load them into the car, ONE by ONE I run back and forth from the house to the car. At this point I have a good sweat going and we drive 2 miles in 7 minutes. I unload two of the boys into the double stroller, carry the third and walk 15 feet to the front door. The boys spend an hour maybe an hour and a half if we make good time. Then load them up and head back home just in time for their next milk feeding. I ask myself often 'was it really worth that much effort?'

YES it is. Being a homebody by nature the boys get cabin fever before I do. They kind of start to lose it towards the end of the day so a walk or outing is the perfect medicine. The boys LOVE it there, they don't take each others toys or cry when they fall down and I have to peel them away from whatever they are doing when it's time to leave. This place is going to be a life saver this winter!

One of the cool things about the co-op is that you can bring in stuff that your kids have outgrown and grab stuff you need that others have brought in. I found a great pair of shoes so that Thomas doesn't have to wear those silly boots I told you about earlier.

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Jonalyn said...

What an awesome play area! But yeah, it's a huge effort to get there! I *love* the video of the new shoes. "What am I supposed to do with these?"