Monday, October 17, 2011

Sweater Fever!

We have a fever and the only cure is more festive sweaters!



Eli with crumbs on his mouth

Pumpkins for my little pumpkins : )

Seriously, how awesome would this picture have been had the boys been cooperating!?

We couldn't stay away, off to another pumpkin patch we went to create our annual fall memory with our friend K and Oz.

Thomas and Caleb both cut their top front Left tooth within a week of each other. The tooth next to it is close behind. I can see Eli's top front right tooth coming in but it hasn't cut through just yet.

I think it's safe to say the boys are down to one nap a day, yay! A couple of days I had to resort to holding Eli while he slept but I think it helped him get into a pattern of sleeping a longer stretch. So from what I hear the one nap just keeps getting later and shorter till it's all gone : )

hoodlum street kid

OMG I wish I had three of these!

This is what happens when mom brings up all the 12mo clothes and they fit just a little too loose : P

This is Caleb's new favorite pass time, what a goofball! I didn't get it in this video but earlier this was making Eli crack up : )


Jonalyn said...

I loved the little wagon ride! The boys look SO cute in their sweaters! Good thing, since sweater season in Portland is so long. :)

Anonymous said...

YO boy! you made me laugh with this video!!

Kari said...

I love all of your photos. Your little ones are so cute! Fantastic job with breastfeeding and cloth diapers. We also use the cloth diapers, we did with our older boys and they seem so much more comfortable. I am working so hard on my milk production, I am excited to here you were able to do it. I will not give up and hope it comes.