Friday, October 7, 2011

Eli Says Kitty

Eli has been making this fish face a lot lately

Phil and I suspected it but doubted it for about a week, but now we are certain that Eli says kitty. It sounds more like 'didy' and sometimes he adds too many syllables and says 'didididy.' He says it all the time but especially when he sees a cat. The poor cats haven't gotten much attention since the babies made their arrival but their presence is definitely felt. They are always around walking by or sleeping within eye shot of the babies. When it's meal time, Lankston, our orange cat stations himself underneath the highchairs and eats whatever the boys drop minus cheerios. Who needs a dog now?! The cats are not allowed in the boys play area and they know it even though sometimes they forget and I have to kick them out. The boys love it when they get a chance to pet one of the cats, always supervised of course because animals are unpredictable. So I guess I'm not surprised that one of the boy's second word would be kitty.

I'm sure Lankston is under there
Bilingual Triplets

I don't know how I failed to ever write about this but yes we are teaching the boys Spanish!
I am a fluent speaker and Phil is still learning but is quite advanced. Being away from my family I couldn't trust myself to be the only source from which the boys would learn Spanish so that was one of the main reasons we switched from an English speaking congregation to a Spanish one. I try to speak to them in Spanish as much as possible but many times I end up saying something in English and I quickly realize it and say it again in Spanish. I don't worry about English, they get plenty of it. Kids that learn two languages at once however take longer to speak. It used to be thought that this would confuse them so it was encouraged to teach them one language at a time. That turned out to be totally bogus! Kids are sooooo much more intelligent than they get credit for. The real reason it takes them longer to speak is that their brains are processing so much more information than your average single language child.

For example:
Oh, 'yes' and 'si' mean the same thing. So do I reply to moms question as 'yes' or 'si'?

Ok you get the point : )

We often get asked if there is anything we need, besides diaper service and baby wipes, what we really need is more Spanish children's books!

Thomas is too tired to care

I've renewed my love for the Maxi Mom carrier when I realized what a great back pack carrier it makes!


Jonalyn said...

I find myself telling Molly stuff in both languages nowadays. If I think she's speaking too much English (let's face it ... she knows PLENTY), I make her repeat it to me in Spanish. I also hear a lot of Spanglish from her. :) What I *really* need to do is add Mandarin to the mix! I haven't seen any of your "diddies" in pictures lately! One of our cats was ALWAYS in pictures ... but I think in your case the boys take up the entire frame! No kitties can be seen. :)

Myra 米兰 said...

Yay for more words! Elliot says "Hi dady!" to Jeff, but for the life of me I can't get hom to say Mama anymore. Oh well. I would like to think it's because he's also soaking up Chinese.
D\A lot of Elliot's electronic toys have a spanish your have? I've seen lots of spanish books at the Used baby store..I'll send some up if I see therm again:)

JP said...

what the heck, none of our toys have Spanish options?! I'd love to ransack the goodwill's unorganized book selection but I just don't have the time! Thanks : )

Jessica said...

That would be hard to get on video, but please try!

Aracely said...

ahh those delicious boys!! I love to see how nonchalant(sp?) Thomas is with Caleb on his back..ohh soo cute!! Se han echo tan curiositos! y jugetones with each other huh? and Eli! with that fish face! soo cute! oh my goodness! I want to squeeze them and kiss those little faces! ...ahh Tia needs her nephew fix lol! :)

Anonymous said...

que bueno que van a esforsarse por que aprendan espanol primero ya que ingles lo van a agarrar por fuersa en la escuela . eso es lo que yo ise con ustedes asegurarme que no olvidaran el espanol. mama Elda