Tuesday, October 11, 2011

M.O.M.'s are Awesome because...

This is a feel good post dedicated to all us em oh em's out there : )

Moms(and Dads) of Multiples are awesome because...

1...nobody wants to baby sit your kids by themselves and yet you take care of all of them day after day by yourself!

2...our husbands are way too busy to ever get 'jealous of the baby', which supposedly happens to new parents.

3...we have no trouble losing our pregnancy weight. Who has time to eat when you are chasing after so many kids (I lost all of mine by 6 months and I was trying to keep it!)

4...we can always 'one up' everyone. Don't complain to a M.O.M. about how hard your pregnancy was or how hard your ONE baby is!

5...your boobs won't sag as much. Let me explain. It has been said that a woman's boobs sag a little more with each pregnancy she goes through (I heard this on the news). Ok ladies, so you can now hold your head up and feel proud that your boobs don't sag as much as the next woman with the same amount of kids : )

6...nobody thinks you are vain for wanting a tummy tuck and often people will tell you 'you deserve it for all you've been through'

7...wanting to dressing your kids in the same outfit isn't dumb (I keep this to a minimum but I can't help but like it!)

8...we have a good excuse for always looking frumpy...life is so comfortable in pajamas. (note to self: order pajama jeans)

9...crying doesn't bug you anymore, it's become background noise to you

10...buy one get one free (for twins) or buy two get one free sales (for triplets) were made for us

11...our house looks like a hurricane just went through it and yet we are still admired for 'all we do'

12...oh yeah and we make people, three at a time!

Ok I can't think of anymore, anyone else?

Stick Wars
Hey give me back my stick!

Who wants the last hot dog?!..........I'll take it!


Natalie said...

Oh my goodness - I love it! #1 and #9 are my faves. Thanks for the feel-good post :)

mary said...

we are pregnant for less time but come out with more babies!

T said...

LOVE that last pic! Candid shots :P