Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jail Break!

The boys broke out of the baby prison and won't be coming back!

Their new play space is so big they can play football!

New dining commons

I should have done this as soon as the boys learned to walk but we were too lazy to baby proof. What finally motivated me to take action? Two awful days of the boys getting into each others business waaay too much. Clearly they needed more room to play in. So with almost 3 times the space I'm happy to report that they are lovin' it! And they are not hurting themselves or getting into trouble as much as I thought they would. The first day out they were so preoccupied with exploring and enjoying their new found freedom that they paid no attention to mom. I'd try to get them to play with me and they'd just humor me for 30 seconds or so and then they were off. So the landscape has changed quite a bit, the superyard (ex baby prison) is still very valuable since I used it to I fenced off a small portion of the living room were the pot belly fireplace lives, which by the way we pretty much we keep going all winter long (a life saver on our heating bills). I moved the high chairs out of the dining room and into the kitchen/breakfast nook. It's much more crowded in there but it has a nice view with lots of natural light which makes story time over cheerios more pleasant. Oh yeah and dried up smashed banana chuncks are a lot easier to clean up off of tile than hard wood since you can actually see them : )

The great gold fish cracker spill of 2011!

The boys are really impressing me lately with all the new things they've learned. The best one by far is when I ask them were God lives and they raise their little arms up high, yes God lives up in the heavens! This makes mama so proud and seriously too cute. They also sometimes get their hands on one of the most coveted items, the wii-mote (not for babies!), but they know enough to point it at the tv and I'm sure they are hoping to turn on Eebee's Adventures. They also comb their own hair. There is an old comb included in their basket of toys and after a few times of me combing their hair with it, now when ever they pick it up they tap their heads with the comb. I will work on getting videos of all of this : )

Caleb has been walking around with his hands on his back lately, he looks so adorable!

How cute is this bench I scored at a thrift store???
This is the now the designated 'shoe putting on' place.

With chilly weather ahead of us I couldn't get the boys to keep a blanket on them to save my life. So now they sleep in sleep sacks or as I like to call them 'the boys sleeping gowns.' (these things are awesome, I highly recommend them!)


Myra 米兰 said...

Love the pic of Caleb walking with his hands behind his back. :)

Phil said...

"Thomas with a clean hand off, Caleb up the middle for 10 yards and first down!"

Jonalyn said...

How cute that you have little helpers to pick up all those Goldfish!

nan cee said...

Caleb looks like he walking around with his hands behind his back wondering why he is on the other side of the fence! How cute they are and again you are to be commended for such great love and tender care and teaching them about our grand creator!
Love to you all,
A. Nancy

Aracely said...

Caleb looks soo cute walking around with his hands behind him...soo soo cute! What a great bench! Perfect for them and as you said for putting on shoes ;)